Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Sunflower Seeds are Promoted as a Great Smoking Cessation Product


We should be familiar with melon seeds and sunflower seeds because many people eat them. When we are free, we buy it for leisure time recreation. When it comes to the Spring Festival, almost every household in China countryside will buy it.

This thing has been promoted by a sunflower seed producer called BIGS as a great smoking cessation product!

Now, the anti-smoking organization Truth Initiative and BIGS are ready to prove it to people.

truth initiative

Truth Initiative members

BIGS distributes the sunflower seed mini experience package with the words “Smoking will kill your taste buds” to all over the country in large or small events. And they also made a variety of different flavors, such as kimchi, bacon, milk and so on.

It is introduced that many high school athletes in the United States are using smokeless tobacco products. And the smoking cessation sunflower seeds produced by BIGS are undoubtedly the saviors of these athletes. Currently, players of the Major League Baseball players have generally used these sunflower seeds to help them quit their dependence on smokeless tobacco products.

“Smoking is harmful to health”, everyone knows this truth. According to the survey, 70% of smokers have a willingness to quit smoking, but in fact only 7.4% of those who can successfully quit smoking each year.

Eric Asche, the chief operating officer of Truth Initiative, said that sunflower seeds as a tangible product provide a good opportunity to convey the ideas of their organization, and they can enter the youngsters’ group in a relaxed and casual way. And these advantages are unexpected. He is happy to work with BIGS to draw attention to the tobacco issues.

At the same time, Greg O’Neill, vice president of marketing for BIGS, also said: “Sunflower seeds are a great alternative to tobacco products and our mission is to end the spread of tobacco among young people. We hope to deliver the right values to young people through BIGS products and remind young people to treat tobacco rationally.”

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