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Development History of Main Structure Technology of Electronic Cigarette


Since the invention of electronic cigarettes, its structural technology has been changing and can be divided into five generations. The first generation, one-time electronic cigarette; 1.5 generation, oil-fillable, rechargeable electronic cigarette; second generation, ego series electronic cigarette; 2.5 generation, voltage-regulated electronic cigarette; third generation, adjustable power electronic cigarette; the fourth generation, adjustable temperature electronic cigarette; the fifth generation, adjustable smoke absorption rate electronic cigarette (unreleased).

1.1 The first generation of electronic cigarettes, disposable electronic cigarettes.
They are generally called small pod. Features: easy to carry and use, shape like real smoke, low cost.

1.2 The second generation of e-cigarette, ego series.
After the emergence of ego, e-cigarettes began a new era. The generation has a short battery life and a single style. The ego series effectively improves this situation.

1.3 The third generation of electronic cigarettes, power control electronic cigarettes.
The power output of the electronic cigarette is the decisive factor of the amount of smoke. Regardless of the type of atomizer, the amount of smoke can be obtained by pumping with near power.

1.4 The fourth generation of electronic cigarettes, temperature control electronic cigarettes.
The main component of the smoky oil is PG VG. These two components undergo thermal cracking at high temperatures, and the cracking temperature is above 300 °C, which produces some harmful components.

1.5 The fifth-generation electronic cigarette, particle control electronic cigarette.
From the perspective of the user, an electronic cigarette product that can control the absorption rate of the lungs is to control the amount of smoke particles, thereby controlling amount of lungs to enter, efficiently completing the nicotine delivery, allowing people to smoke less and gain more. The cravings are more satisfying and safer.

By the way, the popular Vfire vape from ALD Group Limited, which has several brands, silmo 3.0, ALD Amaze, Vapmor, has new design. The advantage of Vfire vape is with refillable closed system cartridge and magnetic connector starter kit. Besides, the Vfire pod has stylish design and pocket size and others characteristics, such as internal temperature regulation, build-in high rate lithium battery, ceramic heating coil, high strength aluminum shell with unique design, magnetic charging connection at bottom. Certainly, the unique point is rotate bottom oil filling and magnetic charging interface.


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