Strong taste and easy operation, the WOTOFO RDA user experience

The structure of the DIY atomizer is constantly being simplified and the direction of the operation is going to be more convenient. It is convenient for the DIY users to quickly rebuild or maintain the atomizing core, and reduce the cost of use and operation. As a famous electronic cigarette maker WOTOFO with the atomizer, each new product can give consumers a refreshing feeling. This new product, small waist RDA, is introduced by the combined collaboration with famous reviewers in the vape field.


The joint name of well-known manufacturers and well-known reviews will naturally attract more consumers’ attention. In packaging, the small waist RDA is very unique, and the unique atomizer base of the small waist can be clearly seen through the transparent part of the box. In the package, WOTOFO has always been able to get the equipment available opening the box, and the coil, cotton and tools are readily available. At the same time, although there is no Chinese version of the instructions, but through the clear and detailed color operation diagrams, even novice users can easily operate it.

On the suction side, RDA is equipped with two 810 sizes of drip nozzle and two drip nozzles have very good insulation effect. The shape of the nozzle is very close to that of the atomizer, which not only improves the overall appearance of the atomizer, but also enables the mouth to have a very good bite experience. Not only that, the atomizer is equipped with 510 suction ports to provide more choices for users.

The RDA manhole cover is very large, maintaining WOTOFO’s consistent high standard work. The lamination of the bin is designed to provide a very accurate height limit for the bin and the base. It can also provide a limited position when the cage of the atomizer rotates, and it has a high convenience in the disassembly of the atomizer. The closing part of the bin is precisely corresponding to the intake opening of the base, which shortens the overall intake distance of the atomizer and provides faster intake for the coil.

The base of the small waist RDA not only uses the design of the electrode less column, but also has a unique way of air intake. Through the intake opening of the nebulizer cover and the intake opening of the base, the side air inlet is introduced into the atomizer, and the coil is directly underneath the coil. The four locking screws on the side of the base can fix the coils that are positive or reverse, and the coils can be easily fixed by using a screwdriver in the package.

The small waist RDA factory default version is equipped with a bottom injection screw, and the manufacturer also attached a solid positive screw in the accessory package to match the non bottom oil injection equipment. From the depth of the base and the position of the coil, the small waist RDA is also an atomizer which is very suitable for matching with the bottom oil filling equipment.

From the early popular rose V2S atomizer’s electrode – free column design, the most troublesome of this kind of structure is that it is difficult to control the height of the coil, that is, the user needs to control the length of the pin of the coil. The small waist RDA with the elbow around the wire when it comes out of the factory solves this problem. As long as the needle is cut short to the same horizontal line with the elbow part of the winding rod, the height of the coil installed on the base is very suitable.

With the help of the elbow around the wire rod, the small waist RDA coil is fairly easy to fix, using the Clapton coil in the accessories package for installation and testing, and the coil is fixed even without the adjustment of the position. The grooves in the atomizer base can guide the user to carry out the cotton emissions, the middle part of the oil channel can be very smooth to the two ends of the cotton oil delivery.

Using a small waist RDA coil for testing, the atomizer can deliver a very strong taste. Compared with the double atomizer, the small waist RDA can provide a similar sense of taste, although it does not have a heavy smog. When using the bottom oil or adding the oil directly, you should pay attention to the extrusion and drop of the oil. If too much oil into the base causes the intake to enter the oil, it is possible to direct the oil into the mouth.

As a single RDA product, the small waist RDA in the installation of the atomization core is very clear, can help users easy to install the operation, even the DIY novice users, with the help of instructions illustrated to install the atomizer easily. The single atomization core brings a strong taste and matches with the convenient bottom oil filling equipment. It has a better experience. It is easy to get a strong taste through a single coil. The small waist RDA is a single RDA product that is worth buying. Official site:

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