Thursday, May 30, 2024

Spanish Ministry of health plans to incorporate e-cigarettes into tobacco law


According to vapingpost, Spain’s Ministry of health is preparing to amend the current tobacco law to include some provisions related to electronic tobacco products. Meanwhile, the Ministry of health has launched an anti electronic cigarette campaign. However, the campaign not only ignores all the scientific data that are conducive to tobacco products as a tool for harm reduction, but also makes several false claims.

In August last year, the Spanish Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of health separately set out to revise the tobacco market regulation and tax regulations, which have not been revised since 1998. The revised plan includes strengthening the tobacco regulatory framework to comply with who and EU TPD standards, especially regulations on steam products and other electronic equipment.

In addition, the Ministry of health even launched an anti smoking campaign. Vapingpost points out that the agency not only ignores all the scientific evidence that is conducive to quitting smoking and / or reducing the harm of tobacco, but also puts forward some false claims about e-cigarettes. In addition, it blamed the outbreak of e-fog lung disease in the United States on e-cigarettes and said that e-cigarettes are carcinogens.

In contrast, several other European countries have recognized e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation tool, as data continue to show that e-cigarettes are more effective than other NRT (nicotine substitutes) in helping smokers quit smoking. A recent Italian study published in the journal addictive behavior confirmed the effectiveness and safety of e-cigarettes in helping smokers reduce tobacco consumption and improve lung health.

In the UK, the public health England has promoted the use of e-cigarettes as a tool for quitting smoking and has incorporated e-cigarettes into its quit smoking campaign: stoptober. In addition, several trials have been conducted in the UK to provide electronic cigarette products to smokers, prisoners and even homeless people to help them quit smoking.

As for the argument that e-cigarette is responsible for the outbreak of evali (electronic aerosol lung disease), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has long confirmed that evali is caused by the consumption of illegal thc products, not nicotine e-cigarettes.

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