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soyee PLA biological base vape filter is more than safety – National scientific research key project


In recent years, vapes began to enter the public vision, and brought new changes to the traditional cigarette industry. However, in the process of using the new type of electronic cigarette, there are also problems such as vape juice leakage, oral discomfort caused by the entrance of condensate, the risk of inhalation of macromolecular particles, and the health problems caused by the repeated use of mouthpiece breeding bacteria.

In order to solve the above problems, after several years of intensive research, soyee team finally mastered the research and development technology of PLA filter and successfully developed the first PLA filter electronic cigarette, which was highly valued and concerned by the electronic cigarette industry and became a benchmark for technological innovation in the industry.

soyee pla

What makes soyee loved by so many people? There is no doubt that PLA polylactide works. Many readers may be unfamiliar with PLA. Let’s talk about popular science again.

soyee pla

PLA biomaterials

Designated development of national “13th five year plan” strategy

Recognized as the most promising “ecological material” in the industry

PLA (polylactic acid) biological base material, which comes from renewable plant resources, is made of lactic acid, mainly from the fermentation of starch (such as corn, rice), is a kind of green new type “ecological material” that comes from plants rather than oil, can be 100% biodegraded, can be recycled in nature, and is recognized by the industry as the most promising one.

In addition, bio based materials is one of China’s strategic emerging industries, and also one of the materials explicitly proposed to be developed in the 13th five year plan, which is an important direction for the development of the international new material industry.

renewable material

PLA global development history

Long history of development and continuous improvement

New category of innovative PLA filter electronic cigarette

Since the discovery of PLA (polylactic acid) in 1932, PLA has attracted the attention of all walks of life and has been applied in various fields. In 2017, the soyee team mastered the PLA filament forming technology and applied it to the production and closing of electronic cigarette filter, and successfully developed the PLA filter patent technology.

soyee pla

soyee pla

PLA’s natural advantages

100% green degradable biomaterials

Non toxic and harmless

The products made of PLA raw materials can be degraded into carbon dioxide and water by themselves under composting conditions, and the degradation products can be converted into starch and other substances through plant photosynthesis, and then become raw materials for PLA synthesis, so as to realize clean carbon cycle.

In addition, PLA can be hydrolyzed by acid or enzyme to produce lactic acid in human body, and the final products are carbon dioxide and water. Because of its good biocompatibility and bioabsorbability, it is non-toxic and harmless to human body, and can be used as degradable polymer material for human body.

PLA soyee

PLA is widely used

Biological characteristics of natural green

Special for food and medicine

PLA polylactide has good biodegradability, excellent antibacterial and mildew resistant properties, which can be used in infant and child products, food containers, packaging, clothing fiber and other industrial fields. In biomedical field, PLA materials have been widely used in basic research and clinical application in bone surgery, thoracic surgery, maxillofacial surgery, tumor-targeted therapy and other fields.

soyee keep the strict selection of each material of and the strict creation of each product. It not only pursue the perfect combination of function and comfort, but also pursue the pleasant experience of every consumer. It’s the standard for the creation of the new filter electronic cigarette of soyee PLA.

It is believed that the application and promotion of PLA, with its green, ecological and health characteristics, will be highly respected and loved by consumers.

PLA soyee

PLA soyee

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