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SnowPlus Brings its Innovative Vape Designs and Technology to the Global Market

Leading Chinese vape brand offers better alternative solutions for smart smokers


NEW YORK- (October 24) SnowPlus, a leading Chinese vaping company, brings better options to smokers around the world with its smokeless vaporizes. Already a prominent vape brand in China, SnowPlus is expanding globally with its products, which are designed to provide the best user experience in the market.

SnowPlus’ unique design and technology include

  • Honeycomb Ceramic Atomization Technology – provides a finer and longer lasting flavor for the user
  • 4th generation double-seal design – best anti-leakage mechanism on the market
  • An embedded magnet activation button – allows users to simply click once to use the device, making it seamless and smooth to operate


SnowPlus’ product line makes vaping accessible to a wide range of consumers, thanks to its 20+ flavors and options including the caffeine-delivering SnowPlus Coffee Edition and portable, disposable vaporizers. The Coffee Edition, with its nicotine-free coffee flavored pod, is the world’s first vaporizing caffeine delivery product. It appeals to consumers who love a simpler way to get their morning coffee. but may not use conventional vape products with nicotine.


With the recent launch of the Smokeless Edition, SnowPlus continues has created a completely unique product offering. By using technology that was initially developed for atomization treatment and combining it with SnowPlus’ revolutionary e-liquid ratio, they have created an authentic vaping experience that leaves no visible smoke exhaled. The design also extends the flavor experience, and the double-seal design prevents frustrating leakage.


With their new smokeless vape pods, users can enjoy the tastes of classic tobacco, ice cola, mung bean, mint, orange soda, and lychee without worrying about offending people around them.


Backed by some of the world’s top VCs such as Sequoia Capital, ZhenFund, K2VC and Matrix Partners, SnowPlus has just raised a US$40M Series A round of financing. Now one of the top three vape brands in the world, SnowPlus has shipped more than 1.3 million products worldwide and is continuing to grow rapidly.


“Our strategy is based on continuous product innovation,” said SnowPlus Co-Founder Derek Li. “We are planning to launch exciting new products in the coming months that will delight consumers and will significantly expand our global market share.”


SnowPlus products are developed in compliance with safety product standards around the world. This includes China’s QB/T 1506-2012 tobacco flavoring standard, the U.S. FDA’s 21 CFR 175.300 E and PMA regulations and CE and RoHS safety certificate standards established by the European Union.


About SnowPlus

Founded in April 2019, SnowPlus is dedicated to providing safe alternatives to traditional cigarettes by bringing change to current health challenges around the globe and empowering adult smokers to lead more healthy lifestyles. Furthermore, SnowPlus launched the “Angel Protection Campaign” that aims to systematically prevent youth from accessing and using e-cigarettes. SnowPlus products have passed a number of third-party safety certifications and comply with the highest medical safety standards of the FDA and the European Union. To date, SnowPlus has received $40 million in Series A financing which is among the largest funding for any startup in the e-cigarette industry.

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