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“Keep minors away from e-cigarettes” is written in SNOWPLUS Basic Law now


On November 21st, SNOWPLUS vape producer – Shenzhen Xuewu Technology Co., Ltd. held a special meeting of executives. And all the votes by them support “Keep minors away from e-cigarettes” to be written into the company Basic Law.

“SNOWPLUS Basic Law” is the “constitution” of this e-cigarette company, which is above all company regulations. The establishment of the Basic Law clause is subject to the approval of the staff of the company’s senior management meeting of 3/4 and above, and is voted by the employee representative meeting.

Specific initiatives to “Keep minors away from e-cigarettes” include:

  1. Around November 28th, SNOWPLUS’s new generation of product packages will be fully refitted. With reference to the domestic cigarette packaging standard, “this product contains nicotine, the use of minors is prohibited” will be printed on the front of the new packaging.
  2. No agents shall open direct sales stores or franchise stores within 500 meters of primary and secondary schools.
  3. All offline offline stores and franchise stores are marked with the “Minors are Prohibited to Buy and Use” logo in a prominent position.
  4. SNOWPLUS requires all dealers and agents not to sell electronic cigarettes to minors, and to “prohibit the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors” and “prohibit the establishment of stores around primary and secondary schools” into the contract. Once the violation is found, the liability for breach of contract will be investigated; if the violation is serious, the qualification for cooperation will be cancelled.

In the promotion of foreign languages, SNOWPLUS also made strict regulations, such as prohibiting the use of “e-cigarette is healthy, green product” and other slogans.

On November 1 this year, the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration and the State Administration of Markets jointly issued the Notice on Further Protecting Minors from E-cigarettes. According to the requirements of the notice, SNOWPLUS has sold the e-cigarette products for sale in the E-commerce platform such as Jingdong and Tmall, and issued the promise of “protecting the minors to the end”in the first time.

At the “E-cigarette Entrepreneurship in the New Consumption Era” forum held at the end of October this year, SNOWPLUS co-founder Wang Sa delivered the keynote speech “Protection of Minors is the Responsibility and Bottom Line of Enterprises and Industries”. Wang Sa said: “Protecting minors is the lifeline of SNOWPLUS enterprise development. We put it at the highest priority of enterprise development and implement it at all levels of production, sales and marketing, even if some initiatives conflict with business profits. Change, no matter how much impact on the business, SNOWPLUS must put the protection of minors first.”

“We believe that with the joint efforts of the state, industry, enterprises and the public, China’s e-cigarette industry will soon be on the right track.” Wang Sa said, “In this process, SNOWPLUS is willing to take on more social responsibilities and let enterprises and the industry develop in a more benign environment.”

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