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SnowPlus joins hands with Gong Wenxiang to try social retailing – Shenzhen Futian Festival opens in August


SnowPlus Hands in Hand with Gong We Xiang in China Wechat Business Forum

August 18

Shenzhen Futian CBD Exhibition Center

Grand opening

SnowPlus, with its advanced business mind and long-term business vision, has invested a lot of money in this forum to join hands and quickly attracted wide attention from all walks of life. With the participation of SnowPlus, what kind of sparks will it collide with, and what new business concepts will it bring to the industry? It is indeed a great event to be expected.

SnowPlus, with the theme of “Let the future happen ahead of time”, is a harm reduced tobacco product with quality, safety and fashion. The product upholds three innovative top technologies, six classic fashion matching colors and twelve innovative new tastes with the principle of “bringing health to tens of millions of families and making healthy lifestyle the mainstream”. It will bring global cigarette consumers a way to choose a healthy life.

SnowPlus has established R&D bases in the United States and Shenzhen. The products adopt the most advanced TrueFeel honeycomb ceramic atomization technology and Aeroflow air intake technology. Through a number of third-party certification, core components such as atomization core and mouthpiece meeting the highest safety standards of FDA and EU. SnowPlus has become the focus of attention in the industry as the No. 1 retailer at the China Social New Retail Forum.

snowplus vape

Through this forum, SnowPlus has entered the public’s vision, but also caused the industry’s attention to electronic cigarettes. Data show that the emergence of electronic cigarettes has brought about a healthier lifestyle. According to the report of the British Ministry of public health, the harm of electronic cigarettes is 95% lower than that of traditional cigarettes, while SnowPlus has obtained many certifications such as CE-RoHS safety certification of EU electronic cigarette, national QB/T 1506-2012 “Tobacco Flavor” and so on. It’s recognized by consumers worldwide.

SnowPlus’s strength in this public view also makes people have to raise their thumbs.

A single $40 million financing, gathering from Google, Microsoft, Youbo’s global front-line core team, international cutting-edge product innovation, and its global marketing budget is over 100 million and sales channel layout of SnowPlus Partners are enough to cause hot discussion in this new social retail forum in China.

snowplus vape

With the approaching of date, the countdown of SnowPlus’s celebration with Gong Wenxiang has begun. In addition to international brands such as SnowPlus, it will also bring together top brands in various fields of social new retail industry, invite top representatives in social new retail industry, cover the most cutting-edge marketing areas,with a in-depth analysis of the latest in the industry. Practical marketing combat methods will lead to new changes in the development of social new retail in the future.

It is believed that the new international horizon brought by SnowPlus and the interaction of the celebrities in the new social retail industry in the conference of China Social New Retail Forum will light up Shenzhen in August and bring us an unparalleled event.

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