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SnowPlus e-coffee review – Strong & delicious chocolate smell pod


Once you open up the box of SnowPlus e-coffee pod, the delicious chocolate and cappuccino smell run out and fill up your whole room. People think you’re eating chocolate secretly if you didn’t tell that you’re vaping on SnowPlus e-coffee.

SnowPlus e coffee

Sleepy vaper becomes a vigilant soldier with eyes wide open after the first puff. It awakens the vaper’s mind in seconds. What a strong throat hit caused by caffeine! 

We heard the world’s first coffee flavor pod is released and ordered one immediately in case we missed something important. After an all-round trial, we’d say the product exceeds our expectation.

Product specifications:

1 device

400mAh battery, 8cm length,33g weight

Zinc alloy, silky smooth body

SnowPlus vape device in brown coffee color- Looks kind of pink under the yellow light, lovely.
SnowPlus vape device in brown coffee color- Looks kind of pink under the yellow light, lovely.

This device length(8cm) is shorter than RELX(10cm) and Moti(12cm), and rounder than most pod vapes. Besides, it’s smooth and round body makes the user comfortable when putting it in the pocket or holding it on hand.

Though it’s smaller than most pod vapes, it has a 400mAh battery. It satisfies the 2 days‘ smoking needs of a vaper with high vaping frequency. We fully charged it and used it constantly for 2 days without any problem.


2 pods: including

Ice matcha latte*1
Caffeine content: 0.4 mg/g
Nicotine strength: 0 mg/g
Capacity: 1.5ML – 1 pod= 500 – 600puffs
Weight: 6g

4th generation of double-seal design; embedded magnet; true feel atomizing core.

Cappuccino flavor pod and sealing lids that ensures 0 leakage in shipment
Cappuccino flavor pod and sealing lids that ensures 0 leakage in shipment

The coffee content inside the pod is not a controlled drug, nor a caffeine additive, but a natural coffee extract. And it’s legal worldwide.

People nowadays in the industrialized world are under high pressure. They need to wake up their mind as quickly as possible in the morning, and to dive into the work as efficiently as possible.

However, making coffee takes time and energy. You need to grind the coffee bean and pour the boiled water and finally produce a cup of coffee that’s extremely hot. Besides, it’s torture waiting for its cooling down.

e coffe snowplus

Though you don’t make coffee, after you bought a cup of coffee from KFC, you need to take it into the car when you have no time to sit down and drink. And you can’t ensure it doesn’t spill out to make your cloth and car dirty.

But with E-coffee, your joy from coffee is produced in only 10 seconds – Insert the pod and breath in the natural coffee element. Your coffee breathing experience equals or even outraces coffee drinking. Isn’t it a clever move brought by technology development? Since E-coffee, your coffee enjoyment becomes a neat, clean, fast and pleasant thing. We invited 10 people for vaping e-coffee, and 9 said it smells and tastes great. Its flavor fidelity has achieved a maximum level.

Last but not least, this pod doesn’t leak. And no spitback is found after 2 days of vaping.

SnowPlus pod has been upgraded now. The left one is the new version with round airhole – I used to buy the mint old version on the right with rectangle airhole. Though I got the old version e-coffee pod, there is still no leakage. It has been improved greatly.

Left is new pod version Right is old pod version(E-coffee)
Left is new pod version
Right is old pod version(E-coffee)

What’s more, people with stomach problems also gain the right to enjoy coffee decently now. It’s the best alternative, gift and favor brought by SnowPlus with a good heart in 2019.

Moreover, E-coffee is a new generation of non-nicotine vape product, it’s not addictive and more healthy. Notice: It has no nicotine, if you’re an old smoker, it’s not recommended because it cannot stop your craving cigarettes.

The refreshing feature is the key point of E-coffee. Caffeine makes your heart beat faster after vaping just like real coffee. Therefore, minors, pregnant and patients with cardiovascular diseases mustn’t use it too much in case of danger. Use it like drinking the real coffee then you’ll be fine.

As to safety, its mouthpiece is made of medical-grade plastics compliance with FDA and EU standards to ensure long-term safe use. And the e-liquid is made of edible vegetable glycerin, safe food additives and refined nicotine salt to sate exactly like real tobacco but free of tar, carbonic oxide or smoke.

There is also something interesting when the author tested it, he found some steak flavor inside, but others said there wasn’t. Does it really have steak flavor? Whatever, it smells delicious.

1 USB Cable: Android phone cable

A high-end USB cable with durable cloth wrapped
A high-end USB cable with durable cloth wrapped

Most pod vapes use a plastic covered cable that feels uncomfortable in hand and pocket, while SnowPlus cloth-covered cable makes it unique and outstanding in details.


SnowPlus e-coffee is a creative pod with coffee flavor. And it’s the world first pod with natural coffee extract inside. We learned that RELX copied SnowPlus e-coffee and launched a new coffee flavor after 1 week of the release of SnowPlus e-coffee.

SnowPlus is leading the vapor industry innovation now. Besides e-coffee, SnowPlus also created smokeless edition and NEON edition, click here to view more.

Where to buy SnowPlus e-coffee


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A creative pod vape with excellent portability, hand feel, flavor, user-friendly design and strong throat hit. This world's first refreshing e-coffee is worth trying.SnowPlus e-coffee review - Strong & delicious chocolate smell pod