Thursday, May 30, 2024

Smoore’s FEELM Makes its Debut at Inter-Tabac


The Inter-Tabac, a three-day tobacco exhibition, was held as scheduled at the Dortmund Exhibition Center in Germany on September 14. At the event, FEELM, a technology brand owned by Smoore, made its debut in collaboration with local German clients. Staff members at the Smoore booth expressed their intention to strengthen regional exhibitions in the future, and to collaborate with clients to participate in trade shows together.

At this exhibition, Smoore introduced a total of five series of flavored products, comprising a grand total of 32 different flavors. These five series of flavors include tea, mint, single flavors, mixed flavors, and the classic tobacco flavor.

It is interesting to note that at the exhibition, Smoore’s booth showcased five large barrels of German beer, allowing visitors to not only appreciate the exhibits but also savor the taste of delicious German beer.

Five large barrels of German beer displayed at the Smole booth | Source: 2FIRSTS

Onsite staff explained to 2FIRSTS that German beer enjoys a worldwide reputation for its craftsmanship, which is reflected in aspects such as the quality of ingredients, temperature control, and flavor. Similarly, the products showcased by Smoore, particularly their ceramic core products, have very strict technical requirements in terms of taste and temperature. This pursuit of excellence mirrors the brewing techniques employed in German beer production.


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