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SnowPlus Smokeless Edition review – No interruption to others anymore when vaping


It can’t be more common seeing a smoker in the thick cloud while smoking. And the second-hand smoke irritates the people around the smoker ruthlessly. As a consequence, people’s hate for smokers accumulates for over 1 century.

However, this stereotype has been broken by SnowPlus Smokeless Edition today. After our careful test this week, the result shows that SnowPlus Smokeless Edition doesn’t produce any smoke through direct to lung vaping.

Mouth To Lung Vaping = Visible smoke/aerosol
Direct To Lung Vaping = Invisible smoke/aerosol

What’s SnowPlus Smokeless Edition?

Smokeless Edition is a classic SnowPlus starter kit with 1 snow white color device and 2 smokeless pods in mint and tobacco flavors.

Smokeless edition Snowplus

What’s SnowPlus smokeless pod?

It has no difference in composition with classic pods. It brings the vaper more pleasant smoking experience with less nicotine absorbed through ingenious proportioning technology.

You see, ingenious proportioning technology. It only changes the proportion of the ingredients in the e-liquid. And it doesn’t add any other materials inside compared to the common pods that produce smoke.

This proportion makes the smoke transfer to pure gaseous state faster and easier in lung. That’s why you can’t see the smoke with the SnowPlus Smokeless Edition.

Is it harmful to smoke the SnowPlus Smokeless Edition

This proportion of the e-liquid ingredients contains less nicotine. And it’s purer which makes it less visible. Therefore, it harms you less than common visible smoke pods with higher nicotine strength (5%).


Smokeless pods


1.5% Nicotine
Lemon Coke
1.5% Nicotine
Mung Bean Sorbet
1.5% Nicotine
Lemon Coke
1.5% Nicotine

Capacity:1.5ML = 3 packs of cigarettes

Heating atomizer: Ceramics + FeCrAL

Technology: TrueFeel

Material: PCTG-TX1501

Weight: 6g

Size: 22mm*20.5mm*12mm

The device of SnowPlus Smokeless Edition

Shell material:Kirsite

Battery capacity: 400mAh

Resistance: Equal or bigger than 1.4 Ohm

Output voltage: 3.7V

Charging mode: MICRO USB/ DC5V 400mA



VAPE HK real test on Smokeless Edition of SnowPlus

Mouth to lung show

Direct to lung show



FDA PMTA submitted certificate

QB/T 150+-2012 Cigarette Fragrance Standard certificate

CE certificate

RoHS certificate

Smokeless edition Snowplus

Influence on society

Setting a bad model for pupils is easy, just puffing out the smoke of cigarettes endless in front of them. For saving our kids from the cigarettes, SnowPlus Smokeless Edition is the pioneer among all the vapes.

Smoking in the office and classroom is forbidden in most companies and colleges. The show up of SnowPlus Smokeless Edition saves the white collars and university professors from smoking pathetically and awkwardly in the dark, dirty, tiny smoking room and the noisy porch.

Smokeless edition Snowplus
Delicate Smokeless edition Snowplus Starter Kit

New technology like smokeless pod brings care and joy for people including both smokers and their friends and family around. This should be one of the reasons why the traditional tobacco industry is falling and the vaping industry is surging.

Where to buy SnowPlus Smokeless Edition pods

(There are only Smokeless pods in stock now, you need to buy a starter kit first to use it)

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If you had never seen a cigarette without smoke, you need 1 SnowPlus Smokeless Edition in hand. This world first smoke free pod vape will bring you much more fun you have never expected.SnowPlus Smokeless Edition review - No interruption to others anymore when vaping