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RELX cleared out SNOWPLUS CEO in public at product launch – The battle between 2 women


Here is the story about SNOWPLUS CEO who’s invited out of the RELX new product launch:

SNOWPLUS founder Wang Sa is driven out of RELX new product launch conference

Having realized the severity of the problem, RELX hurried to put out the fire. At 0:47 on August 19, Guo Guangdong, the head of RELX Public Relations Department, responded to the incident in Wechat friend circle:

“Clarify: Miss Wang Sa falsely entered the meeting hall with the credentials of an invited journalist. Because she was unwilling to sit in the media area, she was recognized finally. RELX’s colleague said to her, ‘Hello, because you didn’t receive the invitation, we hope you to leave now’, instead of saying “the company is very nervous about you” (according to the RELX staff: no one with brains will say that).

We also sent a farewell gift to Miss Wang Sa. The essence of Wang Sa’s incident: it is an activity of rsvp, which needs to ‘invite you, respond, and then come”. Otherwise, it may be regarded as an offense to the host, and it has nothing to do with the narrow mind.”

Nevertheless, public opinion has not been stopped, and things go worse…

At 0:49 on the same day, Luo Yihang, the founder of well-known science and technology media PingWest, made a crack on the incident in the Wechat friend circle: “Lots of shits happen in this small electronic cigarette circle.

Boulder Wang Zeqi: Some brand ranked first in the market in the first half of the year. Then its market share started to drop rapidly. Until the middle of August, no matter sales quantity of sales amount, it’s not No. 1 anymore, Boulder sales amount outraced this brand in July and August both. As to Plus, it’s a blockchain scammer enterprise. Most people in that circle are shameless and good at this drama. Sorry, I lost control of my mouth, I’m a bonehead.

Looking back at the whole incident, some people expressed their support for RELX, insisting what RELX did was right. Others criticized the narrow mind of RELX.

While some others believe that behind the incident is a contest between two strong women.

RELX founder Kate Wang
RELX founder Kate Wang

Kate Wang, founder and CEO of RELX. After the graduation of MBA of Columbia University and the work in P&G and Bain consulting, she’s familiar with the objective law of business development. She’s the former leader of Uber China District, after the merger of Uber and Didi, she was the general manager of Didi Uber Business Department, and continued to lead the team to fight in the online taxi renting industry, developing Didi premium service from 0 to 1 , making it the second-largest daily average order volume business of the group.

SNOWPLUS founder Wang Sa, the chief manager of Beijing Duola Meditation Co. Ltd.
SNOWPLUS founder Wang Sa, the general manager of Beijing Duola Meditation Co. Ltd.

Wang Sa, the general manager of Beijing Dora Meditation Technology Co., Ltd. and founder of SNOWPLUS electronic cigarette brand. She studied in the United States majoring in film, television and drama. After working for several TV stations for a short time, she came to New York to be the head of Sunshine Satellite TV’s American station, which changed her career direction. At that time, she was in charge of Start-up America program, which made many investors and entrepreneurs know, and had a strong interest in entrepreneurship. It was not long before Wang Sa founded Pokee, the first Hawaiian snack in New York, which became a phenomenal must-go hot spot for INS online celebrity since the opening day.

From the data of the two people, it is found that both of them have brilliant educational background and resume. They not only stay abroad and are senior managers, but also have outstanding abilities and strong resources. Nowadays, two such excellent women meet in the field of electronic cigarettes, which will inevitably arouse the vigilance and exclusion of each other.

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