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Powerful SNOWPLUS Pro and Lite vape to satisfy your vaping needs better

The new devices redefine the potential of what vape devices can be


It’s an inspiration hearing that SNOWPLUS has just launched the new product SNOWPLUS PRO & Lite. These two new devices are on sales globally just now. And we’re lucky to get the new products. According to our hands-on, the new devices are strengthened to a large extent: SNOWPLUS Pro is stronger in performance than the Classic edition and SNOWPLUS Lite has a better price than most vapes in the market but is more portable and works perfect like an expert.

Newest members to the SNOWPLUS family

The SNOWPLUS Lite is an affordable vaping device with best price that packs a lot of features into a lightweight device including:

  • Smoother smoking sensation and bigger vapor amount.
  • Classic TrueFeel honeycomb ceramic atomization technology
  • AeroFlow air intake technology
  • 400mAh lithium battery – one charge for 300 puffs and a whole day’s enjoyment
  • Available colors: Ocean Blue, Classic Black, Misty Grey, Green
  • MSRP: USD $14.99
SNOWPLUS Lite comes in 6 bright color options
SNOWPLUS Lite comes in 6 bright color options

The SNOWPLUS Pro is a smart and interactive vaping device that has innovative features including:

  • Strong zinc alloy build with an IPX5 waterproof & dustproof, silky, and skin-friendly coating
  • Large battery capacity that fast-charges in 18 minutes or less
  • Latest TrueFeel atomization technology
  • 1.2Ω resistance pods & large vapor amount
  • Smart touch interactions with RGB light effects
  • Available colors: Rose Gold, Classic Black
  • MSRP: USD $39.99

Author’s hands-on experience with PRO:

1. High end dark red color. Full of sense of luxury.

2. Streamline smooth rounder body without any sharp edge. Comfortable to hold the vaping device in any angle just like touching a baby’s face.

3. Vibrating design makes it even more perfect. The classic SNOWPLUS edition is almost perfect, after adding the cartridge connection vibrating design, it is reaching the perfect level once more. You’ll never lose face sending this as a gift to your boy or girlfriend.

4. Appropriate weight. Unlike cumbersome box mod big tank vapes with extremely heavy body, SNOWPLUS PRO is as light as a feather.

5. Portable size. It’s the same size as an adult’s index finger. Putting it in your pocket becomes unobtrusive and discreet.

6. Longer operating hours per charge. With a larger capacity battery, your charging frequency is reduced significantly, at least one-third vaping hours are added by PRO. Therefore, it definitely deserved to be called a PRO version!

SNOWPLUS Lite with the packaging
SNOWPLUS Lite with the packaging

Redefining Vape Devices

SNOWPLUS’ latest products expand not only its own product portfolio, but they also expand the definition of what a vape device can be. The Pro guides vape devices into the future through its smart interactive features while the Lite redefines the price to performance ration in the industry.



Now I have no doubt that SNOWPLUS is doing vape business seriously and successfully. It keeps rolling out new pod flavors and new vaping devices with brand new but consistent & extraordinary concepts all the time. Like PRO device, the streamline comfortable body and new high-end skin-friendly coating workmanship process are practiced and exerted to a maximum realm.

And SNOWPLUS is always being the pioneer and first to release the creative one, like e-coffee, Red Bull, etc.  Other brands can only keep chasing it panting all the time but always fail to catch SNOWPLUS up.

Today SNOWPLUS showed its powerful R&D strength and design talent again with PRO & Lite. These 2 vaporizers PRO & Lite represent the peak and future of closed pod system vapes.

In a word, “If you want to buy a pod vape, just buy SNOWPLUS. ” SNOWPLUS is the iPhone in the vape industry. And you’ll be amazed by the excellent performance and best user experience of SNOWPLUS that you can never get from other vapes.


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You can never resist such powerful and affordable vaping devices like SNOWPLUS PRO & Lite.Powerful SNOWPLUS Pro and Lite vape to satisfy your vaping needs better