Thursday, June 20, 2024

Relx and LGD team up created the Relx LGD closed vape pod battery device limited edition



by Martin Smith

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RELX is a popular vape pod brand founded in 2018. According to the latest report from Nielsen, a global market monitoring and analysis agency, in May 2020, RELX has accounted for 68.9% of the closed vape pod market in 19 new first-tier cities in China. The LGD team e-sports club was established in 2009. It owns the DOTA2 division, the League of Legends division, the glory of the king division, and the peace elite division. It is one of the oldest e-sports clubs in China.

The LGD DOTA2 team co-branded with RELX this time is the team that has won important tournaments many times in the e-sports circle and has a large number of loyal fans born in the 80s and 90s. Since the joint model went on sale, it has been favored by e-sports fans.

The RELX LGD “Immortal Heroes” co-branded package is full of “e-sports style”: what catches the eye is the LGD team logo.  the game IDs and the character totem of 5-star members are around the team logo.  Open the outer packaging, the inner sealed box is printed with the DOTA2 map and the signatures of 5 team members, and they uniquely simulate their “combat formation”, which is very ritual.

The RELX LGD pod device battery gaming version is different from the traditional Relx pod device, it comes with the matte texture with low-key and focused gaming blue color, and the LGD team logo engraved with laser technology is closely arranged, just like the faith totem of the competing players. The body is printed with a slogan in silver silkscreen: “NO BROTHERS NO E-SPORTS”, demonstrating the unique spirit of team spirit in the gaming circle.

Besides the Relx LGD closed vape pod battery device system limited edition, the package includes limited edition hand-painted postcards and stickers for 5 players. For DOTA2 players, this joint suit has collection value and commemorative significance.

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