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RELX α Will Be Launched on 1st April, 2019


In the current increasingly fierce market competition, users need not only a similar product. Differentiated experience with technical support is the key to help brands maintain sales volume and win consumer reputation when the marketing fever recedes. In this case, the latest generation of cartridge-replaceable nebulizer Relx Alpha will be on the market on 1st April, 2019.

According to insiders, one of the selling points of Relx Alpha is that it applies the unique design of Alpha ring airway in the market. By fully contacting the air and atomized vape juice, Relx Alpha has a richer taste and a better experience.

At the same time, this design also helps to solve the problem of condensate which has troubled users for many years. For electronic cigarettes, the internal structure has always been a “spiral lion shell as a pavilion” effort. It is reported that the new Alpha contains 27 new patents independently developed by Relx. It also responds to the call of the national two sessions to advocate that Chinese enterprises have their own R&D patents and R&D capabilities.relx

Alpha Ring Airway Design is part of the application of “Extraction and Release Technology” in this new product. As the best solution for the current industry, Relx’s “Extraction Technology” aims to provide more users with a better comprehensive experience.

It is understood that Relx regards “paying attention to users” as its most important corporate value. In order to continuously provide users with better products, Relx has invested heavily in R&D since its start-up.


According to the public information, Relx has invested in the construction of more than 300 square meters of laboratories that meet the requirements of CNAS laboratory certification. At the same time, Relx has established research and development platforms for taste creation, research and application of core raw materials, chemical analysis and detection, pharmacological activity research and so on, which are rare in electronic tobacco brands. Over the past year, Relx has gone from the development of cigarette bombs to the design of cigarette appliances in a multi-pronged way. The launch of Relx Alpha is undoubtedly a good opportunity for Relx to test its research and development achievements through the market.relx

For Relx fans, Relx Alpha also offers them new options for product upgrading. For a long time, Relx has a good reputation among e-cigarette players, and many users recommend each other. On-line, Relx keeps close interaction with its fans, and fans are actively exporting on the social platform, becoming an important “force” to spread brand reputation.

Electronic cigarette is a special industry. On the one hand, like all consumer electronics products, it is always the product itself that decides whether the brand can break through successfully. Feelings can not be eaten as food, and constantly improving user experience is the foundation for manufacturers to settle down. On the other hand, how to clarify the doubts about electronic cigarettes and establish standards for the industry is the goal that all manufacturers should strive to pursue.

Latest Relx Vape Wholesaler / Dealer Price List – April 2019

Update:  May 17th, 2019 latest statements from RELX official:

Pre-order your ALPHA Now!

Dear RELX Family,

The RELX Alpha is now available for pre-order online on our official website.

As you are a valued member of our community, we’d like to return the love by offering 23% off Early Bird Coupon on your first RELX Alpha purchase. Simply use the code ALPHA4499Coupon code expired – update: 25th May, 2019)at checkout.

*This offer is limited in availability for the first 999 orders only – the sooner you pre-order, the better your chances of getting the super early bird price! *

Thank you for your continued support. We can’t wait for you to enjoy the Alpha!

Your Sincerely,

The RELX Team

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