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Pod vape user guide – how to deal with leakage, maintainence and condensate


“What’s the condensate?

Why does my pod leak?

What should we do with the leakage?

Can electronic cigarettes be brought into plane?

Do electronic cigarettes really have formaldehyde?”

Here’s a comprehensive guide to pod system users.

Pod vape starter kit how to start guide:

  1. Insert the pod into the device;
  2. Keep the pod mouthpiece side in the upper place, then suck it 2-3 second to fully vaporize the e-liquid;
  3. Feel free to smoke then, easy!


Wrong ways to use starter kits

1. Breath in hard and fast
2. Strong collision
3. Blow the device
4. Vaping while the kit upside down
5. Place it in the high-temperature car for a long time


Can I take my starter kit during flying?

When flying on an airplane, the pod system can be carried on board, but it must be carried with you and can not be checked. In addition, slight e-liquid leakage may occur due to changes in ambient pressure. At this time, the pod should be placed in isolation from the device and other items to avoid the contamination of the e-liquid. It is suggested to take the packed pod as far as possible when flying out. The pressure in the capsule is constant, which can largely avoid the risk of vape juice leakage. If you have packed pods, put them upside down as far as possible.


Is the little droplet on the pod leaking?

Some small droplets in the cartridge trough of the pod and the device are the condensate produced in the process of using, which is the normal phenomenon in the process of using the starter kit. It’s not a quality problem. When it happens, you can swing the mouthpiece downward, and the accumulated condensate can be thrown out. Then wipe it with a paper towel or a cotton swab where the device and the cartridge connect.


What’s wrong with the grunting sound when vaping?

In the process of atomization, the sound of “grunting” is produced by the accumulation of condensate. At this time, you can swing the mouthpiece downward, and the accumulated part of condensate can be thrown out. Then wipe it up with a paper towel or a cotton swab.


Can starter kit produce second-hand smoke?

The smoke produced by starter kit is just aromatic water mist, which is different from the second-hand smoke produced by traditional cigarettes. The smoke of pod system is odorless and easy to dissipate. It does not exist on the surface of air, dust and objects for a long time. At the same time, there are no harmful substances such as tar and carbon monoxide. Therefore, starter kits do not have the problem of second-hand smoke generated by traditional cigarettes.


Concerning formaldehyde content in electronic cigarette

Formaldehyde is not as fierce as tigers, and apples also contain formaldehyde. The problem of formaldehyde has become an unavoidable topic for electronic cigarettes. Many brands of electronic cigarettes on the market have irregular phenomena in materials and production, resulting in serious excess of formaldehyde content. Most big brand starter kit were specially tested by the third party authoritative institute. The formaldehyde content of 100 puffs of starter kit is only 54 UG after continuous smoking, while the formaldehyde emission of an apple was about 0.74 mg/L. Converted by 1 mg=1,000 ug, it required continuous smoking. Only about 1300 puffs of starter kit could reach the emission of an apple.

However, everything is based on that you didn’t purchase a counterfeit pod. Open up your eyes for that.


Warm reminder of using process:

If the following situation occurs, please adjust in time.

1. Causes of dizziness or buzz: Deep breath and fast inhalation causes excessive nicotine intake in a short time;
Solution: Slow and light inhalation and control the frequency of puffs.

2. Causes of throat dryness: frequent inhalation leads to water loss;
Solution: In the process of using your starter kit, please pay attention to drinking more water and control the vaping frequency.

3. Reasons for condensate entering the mouth – spitback: the condensate is not cleaned in time;
Solutions: rinse your mouth with clean water; shake the pod downward, shake the condensate out; wipe the correlated parts of the device with paper or cotton swab.


How to maintain your starter kit?

Wipe the pods and the interior of the device with cotton swabs or paper towels regularly. Store the pods in a cool and dark place. Avoid high temperature exposure such as long-time inside of the car. When traveling, please try to bring sealed pods, avoid product collision, and place it in a safe place to avoid contact with children and pets.


Who is not suitable for smoking starter kits?

Children under 18 years old, pregnant women, respiratory tract-related diseases patient, women in breast-feeding period

how to deal with starter kit/pod vape condensate

What is condensate?

Condensate refers to the droplet liquid condensed by condensed air in the process of e-liquid atomization. The generation of condensate is a normal phenomenon in the use of the starter kits which is not a quality problem.

What if the condensate accidentally enters the mouth?

If the condensate spills over and enters the mouth carelessly, no need to panic, rinse your mouth with clean water.


How to clean up the condensate?

1. Shake the cartridge downward to remove the condensate; 2. Wipe the cartridge and the correlated parts of the device with a paper towel or cotton swab.

What is the leakage?

When using pod vapes, accidental leakage of vape juice caused by the change of air pressure and temperature.


Under what circumstances may leakage occur?

Air pressure changes: such as air travel, mountain climbing, strong convective weather; temperature changes: such as hot weather, placing pods inside the car exposed to the sun for a long time; severe knock: severe knock may also cause e juice leakage; heavy smoking: excessive strength smoking may also cause e juice leakage.

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