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New PHIX based on PHIX PLUS review- Cartridge changing pod vape evergreen tree


There are too many kinds of cartridge changing pod system vapes on the market. Brands that are still strong in the market depend on excellent quality and strong flavor groups. Otherwise, they will be easily washed away by the market competition. PHIX is one of the benchmarks for the cartridges changing pod vape. Today, we’ll share the new upgraded version of PHIX based on the old version which has been released for a long time.

The official did not add any subsequent names to the upgraded version. The widely promoted PHIX PLUS is a luxury gift kit with the upgraded version of PHIX. All the introductions on the official website PHIXVAPOR are still “PHIX”. The upgraded version has launched three limited edition color matches.

The new PHIX has not changed much in overall shape and process. Compared with the old commercial gray, the three limited edition colors are younger. From the bottom shape, we can see that the manufacturer has made slight shape modifications, and the PHIX logo has also been upgraded (pearl white is still non-etching logo).

The upgrading mainly comes from two aspects. Firstly, although the charging port still uses the special interface form, the mould, magnetic connection force and cable of the charging port have been optimized. After the new charging port will not loosen like the old one and it becomes tighter and more stable. Secondly, the V-shaped opening was made at the connection of the cartridge, and the observation of the smoke margin was more direct and clear when the transparent oil tank was exposed.

The first generation of PHIX cartridge has solved the vape juice leakage problem on the new generation cartridges, and the slow vape juice delivery problem has been effectively optimized when the new type of cartridge was first launched. In this new batch of finished cartridges, all kinds of annoying minor defects of the past are gone.

The so-called “upgrade” does not upgrade for an upgrade, the small upgrade optimization can comprehensively enhance the actual experience of a product. For example, the original silicone plug of cartridge can further avoid air pressure leakage caused by transportation, and the optimization of the charging cable can improve the problem of poor contact in the past. However, PHIX does not use the current popular universal USB charging interface is indeed a very disappointing place, after all, the special charging interface also means that you must carry the special charging cable to charge when in travel.

As a benchmark product of in mouth pod vape, its simulation of smoking resistance feel on cigarettes has been deeply rooted in the user’s reputation. And the greater killer advantage of PHIX is obviously behind the flavor groups. The powerful brands of vape juice BREWELL, MYLK, INFZN matching the PHIX’s basic flavor of BREWELL, could be the king of in the vape juice filed.

Famous brand products will always be optimized and perfected step by step, and all structural renovation is attributed to users’valuable feedback in the use of products, so that the whole user experience is getting more and more perfect… The optimized version of PHIX is genuine. After the leakage problem is solved, PHIX is still a useful and powerful pod vape with fantastic flavors.

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Upgraded PHIX is a pod vape with the outstanding flavor of the traditional cigarette and its user experience is fully optimized based on the old version.New PHIX based on PHIX PLUS review- Cartridge changing pod vape evergreen tree