Friday, April 19, 2024

PAX skirts Apple’s vape app ban with a web version

Use your Mac to control your vape pen


Apple banned vaping apps from its App Stores following a string of additive-related deaths, but that isn’t deterring PAX. The company has launched a web app that lets you control PAX 3 and Era-series cannabis pens from your computer using Bluetooth. You can tweak the temperature, lock access, manage doses, learn more about pods and even adjust the LEDs and haptic feedback. This won’t be much help if you’re outside, but it won’t be such of a problem when many areas are still subject to pandemic lockdowns.

The larger issue may be the (currently) incomplete support. Mac users need to use Chrome for the “ultimate experience” across PAX vapes, while Windows users will have to make do with the Era Pro. Don’t think you’ll get a flawless experience on the web, then. Still, this beats having little control over your vape pen if you aren’t inclined to use an Android phone.

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