Thursday, April 18, 2024

No marijuana, CBD oil from orange peel is on the market!


According to cosmology Design Asia, a Japanese company, in order to avoid THC in its products, does not extract CBD from industrial marijuana, but from orange peel.

Recently, the CBD oil raw materials extracted from orange peel of the company appeared in cosmotoyko international exhibition, causing widespread concern.

CBD (cannabinoid) oil is usually extracted from industrial marijuana, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the hallucinogenic and addictive component of marijuana, and the full spectrum CBD oil extracted from industrial marijuana will contain a small amount of THC.

In Japan, CBD oil is legal, but it can’t contain THC. Once thc is found, it will be treated as a drug, and consumers will be afraid of THC.

In order to avoid this risk, Hiro international, a Japanese company, made CBD from orange peel compound and launched the CBD oil “orange CBD” without THC.

Hiro said that “orange CBD” contains the same CBD composition in structure as that extracted from industrial marijuana, and has the same relaxing and skin care effects. Importantly, there is absolutely no THC and there is no legal risk in Japan.

At present, the company has developed a series of skin care recipes including “lip gloss”, “spray” and “cleansing oil” by using “Orange CBD”.

Hiro international, a fruit importer, also extracts ingredients for food, medicine and cosmetics. When they studied oranges imported from the United States, they found CBD oil in the orange peel. Before that, the orange peel would be discarded as garbage.

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