Thursday, June 20, 2024

Nippon Tobacco International applied for invention patent


According to the information from the website of the State Intellectual Property Office, the patent “electronic cigarette and the method of cleaning electronic cigarette” applied by Japan Tobacco International Co., Ltd., with the application number of cn201780032200.7, now shows that it has entered the state of “trial in practice”, belonging to the invention patent.

The abstract shows that the e-cigarette includes: a ceramic heating element including a conductive heating member on and / or in a liquid impermeable ceramic material body; a liquid delivery member that delivers liquid from a liquid storage device to the heating element; a battery; and a circuit for electrically connecting the heating element to the battery.

The ceramic material body contacts or is very close to the liquid delivery member to heat the liquid delivered by the liquid delivery member to vaporize the liquid when heat is generated by the ceramic heating element.

The electronic cigarette includes: a smoke bomb part, which includes the liquid storage device and the liquid delivery part; and a battery loading part, which includes the battery, the ceramic heating element and the circuit. In the assembly state of the electronic cigarette, the smoke cartridge part is assembled with the battery loading part. In the disassembly state, the smoke cartridge part and the battery loading part are separated from each other.

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