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Nicotine free e-cigarettes in Germany will be subject to the same restrictions and regulations as nicotine containing products


According to foreign reports, after Germany recently revised its tobacco law, e-cigarette manufacturers and retailers in Germany will be subject to regulation from January 2021.

According to legislation passed by the Bundestag on July 2, nicotine free e-cigarettes and refillable containers will be regulated in the same way as nicotine like products, and all nicotine products will be subject to advertising restrictions, regardless of nicotine content.

In Germany, CBD products are regarded as narcotics and belong to different rules. Julia seestaedt, a lawyer for the marijuana industry, said: “many of my clients are concerned about these policies. They are injecting CBD containing liquid into e-cigarettes. At present, manufacturers and retailers are most concerned about the comprehensive advertising ban associated with this change.”

Peter homberg, head of the European hemp business at dentons Europe LLP in Berlin, said the new regulations were only one aspect of the increasingly stringent market restrictions on all CBD products in Germany. “Germany has very strict regulations on CBD products, and it can be expected that this situation will not change in the future.”.

He said that the retail pattern of CBD in Germany is obviously different from that in the United States, “it is not as free as the United States, which is a very open free market, but we do not have this situation in Germany, although there are products to choose from in the market.”

As Germany will place nicotine free e-cigarettes on the same footing as nicotine containing e-cigarettes, these regulations will soon be applied to CBD e-cigarette manufacturers. Making nicotine free e-cigarettes comply with the same requirements and restrictions as nicotine like products is “a necessary measure to protect consumers from health damage,” the draft said.

The new advertising ban, which includes CBD and other nicotine free e-cigarettes, is designed to protect children from the effects, lawmakers wrote. New restrictions on outdoor advertising by legislation stipulate that advertisements can only be displayed in shop windows or on the external walls of retail stores.

This means “manufacturers will no longer be able to advertise nicotine free CBD e-cigarettes on sidewalk billboards or billboards,” seestaedt said.

These changes will take effect from January 1, 2021, but outdoor advertising restrictions will not take effect until 2024.

According to the law, non nicotine e-cigarettes or refillable containers that are manufactured or put on the market and labeled before January 1, 2021 and meet the previous requirements can be put on the market before March 31, 2021.

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