New products coming soon: Guess product performance to win VOOPOO new products

Recently, VOOPOO, a well-known vape brand, launched a “POP QUIZ” new product quiz on its official Facebook and Instagram accounts. Users can guess the performance of its upcoming new products according to the official posters, so as to obtain free new products.


Keep exploring, born for user experience


According to official information, VOOPOO will release its Argus series new products on March 21. As the world’s most influential vape brand, VOOPOO’s Argus series is a product integrating lightweight and high performance built by VOOPOO for senior professional players with outdoor exploration hobbies based on the in-depth thinking of the integration of user needs and scenes.


It is understood that the “POP QUIZ” activity will last for five days. Users can view the questions of the day through VOOPOO’s official Facebook and Instagram accounts every day and reply in the comment area. The official account will release the correct results the next day and select one of all participating users the day before to get a free new product.(It should be noted that minors are not allowed to participate in this activity. Some areas are not allowed to participate, and the details can be viewed on the activity page.)


Never forget the original intention and show the ultimate quality


Since its inception, VOOPOO has insisted on using technology to bring a better life experience. VOOPOO adheres to the business philosophy of “being responsible for every product”, achieves the best of its products, and creates high-quality products for users through the industry’s advanced quality control system and leading-level automatic manufacturing equipment. Argus has also officially stepped forward based on these concepts, realize its exploration and practice of a better life experience.


Previously, in the selection of “2021 world’s best vape” released by the well-known e-cigarette website Ecigclick in the UK, Argus was rated as the best device for novices, which is the second time that Argus has won this honor since its listing, which also proves the ultimate strength and quality of VOOPOO Argus series.


We have every reason to believe that this new VOOPOO product will also bring a new experience to every user who loves VOOPOO with its pursuit of quality and technology.

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