My Next Vape Explains Vaporizing Technology

MELBOURNE, AustraliaNov. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — According to online vaping superstore, My Next Vape, vaping manufacturers continue to push technology at an increasing pace, which can be overwhelming for consumers trying to choose the best vaporizer type to suit their needs.

Conduction heating is utilised in the majority of portable models and many ‘first generation’ units. Dry herb is placed into a chamber and direct heat is used to turn the herb into a vapor. My Next Vape explains that while these vaporizers remain popular, there are some drawbacks to conduction technology. If the material is heated at a temperature that is too high, it can potentially combust. The solution? Convection technology. My Next Vape says convection vaporizers rely on heated air being pushed through the material, rather than the material coming into direct contact with the heat.
One of the best and most popular vaporizers on the market is the Mighty VaporizerAustralia has fallen in love with this product by Storz & Bickel which combines convection heating with a little conduction. Convection heating ensures consistent and continuous vaporization that evenly extracts botanical compounds from the herb, while conduction ensures quality vapour hits from every draw of the Mighty Vaporizer.
The latest vaporizer technology utilises induction heating which involves heating an electrically conducting object through eddy currents. In simple terms, My Next Vape explains that the heat is generated inside the article itself, meaning there is no contact with any external heat source.
Two popular induction vaporizers available include the desktop style Dr. Dabber SWITCH and the portable DynaVap Vaporizer. Utilising intelligent design and technology, both units promote even surface heating to ensure a better vaping experience. My Next Vape says induction heating delivers a smooth and consistent vaping experience every time without worrying about electrical components breaking or wearing down over time.

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