Friday, June 21, 2024

Industry and Commerce Department rushed fake Spinner vim energy bar factory


Spinner is a disposable vape from Japan. Since its establishment, the brand has been focusing on the promotion and development of electronic cigarettes. And it has a complete and scientific system in the production of electronic cigarettes, e liquids, cartridges and other kinds of vapes. In terms of sales and service of brand products, Spinner always adheres to the concept of customer-centered and quality-centered. Spinner is also recognized by the industry through its integrity, strength and excellent product quality.

However, the better the product, the more chances it will be imitated.

Industry and Commerce Department crashed down fake Spinner energy bar factory

Spinner Energy Bar official news: Recently, consumers reported that spinner Energy Bar counterfeits were showing somewhere, manufacturers and industry and commerce departments tracked the source, investigated and showdown the with fake factories.

A six-second live video of the factory was appended at its official site, showing the presence of employees from the industrial and commercial departments.
In order to prevent consumers from buying fake goods and allow consumers identify fake goods, Spinner energy bar shows the steps and precautions of inquiring anti-counterfeiting codes in detail, and compares real and fake goods with pictures.

Caution to consumers, the best way to buy any product is through regular channels, be careful being cheated by the counterfeits! By Spinner Energy Bar official tweet: yiuasuo.

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