Monday, June 17, 2024

Montana held a hearing on the ban of flavoring electronic cigarette products today


According to foreign reports, Montana’s legislature will hold a hearing today to discuss the prohibition of adding spices to steam products. A Provisional Legislative Council voted against the rule, but according to a report in Helena’s independent records, it is not clear whether it has any meaning other than symbolism.

In June, the State Department of public health and human services issued a regulation banning the sale of flavored electronic cigarette products, saying that these flavoring products “are aimed at young users and have a serious health impact on young people in Montana.”

E-cigarette shop owners believe that banning the sale of flavoring products will seriously damage their bottom line, and it is already illegal for people under 21 to use tobacco products.

In 2019, the Ministry of Health issued an emergency regulation banning the sale of flavored electronic cigarettes. During the ban, which expired in April, many e-cigarette owners said their sales had been greatly affected.

At the end of June, at the state legislature’s provisional Economic Affairs Committee, some e-cigarette owners testified and asked the committee to oppose the rule. Previously, it was reported that the provisional Committee on children, family, health and public services of the legislature had refused to take any action on the proposed rules. The Public Service Commission has regulatory oversight over the Ministry of health, not the Economic Council.

Jason Ellsworth, a Republican senator from Hamilton, argues that if the proposed rules move forward, his temporary economic affairs committee should have a say, because if the proposed rules move forward, they will have the expected business impact. The State Department of health may finalize or modify the provision after public hearings and comments.

Before the committee voted seven to three against the rule, several people testified that the strong smell of electronic cigarette products had caused harm to children and young people.

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