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Monck disposable vape pen with cigarette apperance


Since the birth of electronic cigarette, it is doomed to be out of line with the word “boring”. From the body shape, appearance color, to the endless taste and flavors, every step of the development of electronic cigarette is colorful. In this respect, Monck’s disposable vape penv never stops improving.

Monck disposable vape pen

The emergence of e-cigarette industry conforms to the development needs of the market, and the consumer feedback we get strengthens our original intention to provide smokers with safer and healthier nicotine substitutes. As a product that changes the way of life of smokers, atomized smoke represents a relatively healthier concept and choice. It must not be a devil, but the happiness of helping smokers to quit smoking by substituting for cigarettes. Monck hopes to standardize the e-cigarette industry, promote the development of the industry and protect the rights and interests of consumers.

Monck disposable vape pen

Since its establishment, Monck vape has always adhered to the main purpose of “customer-oriented and simplified products”. Throughout the history of human development, all things eventually return to the simple and practical aspect. That’s something that Monck’s designers keep in mind. Therefore, Monck has paid attention to the portability and practicability of the product since the design of the first product. Two disposable pod vapes and one pod system are the biggest tribute to minimalism.

Monck disposable vape pen

Some people say that the taste of e-cigarettes is more and more close to the taste of drinks. From the original taste of tobacco to the later taste of fruit, then the taste of tea and drink… Each taste can derive a number of different tastes, which also proves the endless development of e-cigarette taste.

Monck disposable vape pen

However, most e-cigarette brands often have a vague definition of specific taste. After all, they can’t accurately simulate the real taste, and inevitably mix with other tastes. For example, for a mint flavor, some taste like green arrow gum, some taste like Chinese toothpaste, which is difficult to define.Monck disposable vape pen

In this regard, Monck is quite attentive. Each flavor of Monck has been debugged hundreds of times by a professional flavorer. After multiple suction adjustments in product development, it can ensure a high degree of reduction of each flavor, as well as a stable taste and a strong sense of throat striking. “Our wish is to change the smoking habits of a generation and provide consumers with safer, healthier and purer alternatives,” said Monck’s perfumer.Monck disposable vape pen

At the same time, each flavor is to the extreme. At the same time, Monck doesn’t make the taste fault, and still keeps the new taste constantly updated. Up to now, Monck has developed 17 kinds of flavors to replace the cigarettes.

Cool black ice, cool mint, jasmine tea, nut tobacco, mellow flue-cured tobacco, classic national tobacco, Hubei tobacco, Iced Latte, sweet mango, silky night milk, iced grape, summer pineapple, green bean smoothie, strawberry yogurt, sweet litchi, frozen banana, watermelon ice.Monck disposable vape pen

For each flavor type, Monck has set aside multiple choices for people, so that consumers can freely choose their favorite flavor among Monck vapes, such as nut tobacco, mellow flue-cured tobacco, classic national tobacco, Hubei tobacco, one tobacco, four flavors, and one will always be your favorite.Monck disposable vape pen

The core of e-cigarette addiction relief lies in the nicotine salt content. However, different people have different nicotine salt content for addiction relief, which forms different types of cigarettes on the market. In this regard, Monck vape will certainly not lag behind.Monck disposable vape pen

According to different tastes, Monck vape blends different nicotine salt content. The mellow is thick, the fragrance is elegant, and different tastes match different nicotine salt content, so that you can always find one that suits you.

Some people may have said that electronic cigarettes are so complicated.

Monck’s answer to this question is: complexity is ours, simplicity is yours.

We always control the sales and export and clearly mark “no sale to minors” on the product itself and publicity. We do not guide and recommend non-smokers to try to use electronic cigarettes. And popular science electronic cigarette related news and information, let consumers know more about electronic cigarette.Monck disposable vape pen

The development of electronic cigarette is just in its infancy, and more complex technologies may be needed in the future. Monck will never flinch from the difficulties in the future. The future of e-cigarettes is long, hard but promising. Monck vapes will work together with you.

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