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MOK TF Tank finished vape reivew


Mod vape will not die out.
There is always a group of people who are still pursuing it.

The same is true of SMOK
Even though a lot of pod vapes have been made.
But Smok has never forgotten its traditional skill- finished core atomizer
Many people know that SMOK products update very quickly.
More than a dozen suits are launched every year.
If you are careful enough, you will find that
SMOK product launch is determined by atomizer
Each atomizer on the launch of several mainframes has its supporting form a suite
What I want to introduce in this article
It’s the latest generation of SMOK’s flagship products.

SMOKTF Tank finished product atomizer
0.25_mesh heating coil
Design of vape juice conduction with Keyboard + Turn-off
Super Atmospheric Flow, Super vape juice conducting
And most importantly
Installation Method of Atomizing Core with Direct Plugging
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White Tie Sky and Earth Cover Carton
One-off plastic envelope to ensure brand-new

Side and back information integrity
Including laser anti-counterfeiting and two-dimensional code verification label

Open the cover, Product body color is the same color as the cover

Accessories except for spare aprons and spare atomizing cores
It also includes straight glass silos.
And the protective jacket of the fat storehouse

TF atomizer has five colours to choose from
Appearance continues SMOK’s consistent style
Many ditches have been made from top to bottom to facilitate screwing, disassembly and assembly.

Mixed colour and multi-colour resin suction nozzle is very beautiful
510 standard Interface can replace your own Suction Nozzle

Key Lock + Side Slip Open
I think that’s the best way to inject e-liquids on the top.
I wish all the e-liquids atomizers in the world would do this.
But this should be the exclusive patent of SMOK.

Base symmetrically opens long strip intake
Stepless adjustable, comfortable twisting

When you open the base, you can see that the positive parts have been plated with gold.
The positive contacts with triangular internal distribution can support the atomization core more stably.
And the air flow is tidied up to form a three-way flow into the atomization core.

The installation of atomizing core is the biggest upgrade of TF atomizer.
As shown in the figure, the nails cling to the annular groove
The atomizing core can be pulled out.
Installation is equally simple
Insert it directly, and it’s over.

Careful scrutiny of the atomizing core
Except for SMOK-style superconducting e-liquids holes
Closure work was completed by three rubber rings from top to bottom.
No need to screw thread, direct insertion!
This is exactly the same as SMOK’s NORD series.
It can be predicted that this will be the mainstream design after SMOK.

The kit contains two identical BF-Mesh atomizing cores.
0.25, applicable range 30-80W
Optimum range 60-70W

The reason why it is Mesh is
Its interior is a mesh heating coil
Larger heating surface
And reduce the paste core caused by carbon deposition
This has become the signboard design of SMOK atomizer.

Except for the standard fat storehouse
Conventional straight silos are still equipped in the package.

Fat storehouse fragile problem always get criticized by users.
A silica gel protective cover is also attached for this,
Which shows SMOK’s meticulousness

To conclude the article
Do you think I’m going to say that mod vape flavor is great?
NONONO! No need!
SMOK has been doing very well.
The biggest highlight of this TF box mod
It is undoubtedly the installation method of atomizing core for direct plugging.
It breaks the conventional thread fixing of finished cores in the past.
Provides a more convenient use experience
This has been a revolutionary boost.
So, in addition to the button + screw-open top opening mode
SMOK has one more thing which me hope that all products under the sun can apply this design.

Yes, of course
SMOK family, must have monopolized the new patent again

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