Thursday, May 30, 2024

Mixfog vape review – Refillable pod design


As a new brand in electronic cigarette circle, Mixfog launched a new kind of refillable pod. Users can add their favorite flavor independently. Compared with the cartridge changing e cigarette, it is not limited to the taste of the pod. Users can experience a wider range of flavors.

Official data reveal that there are two colors on sale: classic black and glamour red. The polyhedral prismatic shell is made of alumina, with stainless steel cloud thunder decoration, the whole appearance looks resolute and stylish, built-in 450 mAh battery, the whole device is only about 26g, the size is 108 X19 X11 mm, making it a portable type of mini smoke.

The packaging of Mixfog vape is the same as the mainstream configuration in the market. It contains one device, two oil-injectable pods and one USB cable. Official data show that intelligent inspiratory induction, charging protection, short circuit protection, over-smoking protection and other safety protection as a basic configuration of a pods, are all available.

Mixfog vape review

In addition, Mixfog vaporizer uses honeycomb ceramic atomizing core and has an independent “suspended” particle filter chamber. This design can effectively filter “large particles produced when e juice is atomized” and make the smoke more delicate. But this design will also reduce the capacity of the pod capacity, the official capacity is 1.2 ml, I believe it is fully enough, the e-liquid injection hole of the atomizer is on the side, such a design can reduce the excessive pressure generated during vape juice injection and reduce the risk of juice leakage.

At present, electronic cigarette has developed from professional player device to “convenient” pod. Playability seems to be less important. Perhaps the only way to break through is the appearance, hand feel and taste. Mixfog vape can really reduce the feeling of fried oil particles observing from the suspension structure of atomizer, and the performance of vapor is more delicate. It’s worth trying.

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