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UK Department of health: Vapers have a much lower risk of cancer


As early as 2015, the Public Health England (PHE) published a scientific research report on e-cigarettes on its official website, saying that e-cigarettes reduced the harm of traditional tobacco by 95%. In 2016, the PHE and 13 public health organizations jointly issued a statement, agreeing that the health risk of e-cigarettes is less than cigarettes.

Not only that, the UK has even incorporated e-cigarettes into its health insurance system to encourage doctors to sell them to smokers as a better and safer way to replace cigarettes.

According to a report published on the UK government website ( from the UK Ministry of PHE, the risk of cancer among vapers is significantly reduced by reducing more than 70 known carcinogenic ingredients in traditional cigarettes – the potential risk of cancer among vapers is less than 0.5% of that of traditional smokers.

According to Oxford University Scholars, in 2005, one fifth of UK deaths and a considerable part of disability were related to smoking, 27% of male and about 10% of female deaths were caused by smoking. The country’s related health expenditure is up to £ 5 billion, equivalent to 5.5% of the cost of the UK’s free health system in 2005-2006.

To this end, the British government has been sparing no effort to control smoking. In order to prevent young people from smoking, they implemented a law in 2017, which completely eliminated the differentiated packaging specially used by cigarette manufacturers to publicize products, and more than 65% of the box area must be covered by text warnings and pathological pictures, emphasizing the negative impact of smoking on health.

Deborah Robson, a senior researcher of tobacco addiction postdoctoral program at King’s College London, called in an interview: “e-cigarettes have been effectively implemented in the UK and will benefit the world if they are promoted to the world. No one can stop this trend. “Deborah Robson

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