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4 solutions for less vapor production after some time of vaping

Box mod vape problem solution


Many users of mod vape get a large amount of smoke at first, and then the smoke amount goes faint as the time goes by. Why?

The first reason, it may be a quality problem if the amount of smoke is very small at the beginning. The atomizer’s heating wire resistance is too high, or the poor vape juice conduction causes the problem. Poor quality of power core, excessive vape juice leakage, and other quality problems, will lead to a very small amount of smoke; disposable vape pen smoke is relatively small. There is nothing to do with the solution. Only a better quality product will work.

less vapor production


Secondly, check if the atomizer is blocked by carbon deposition, burnt cotton or other issues. If so, there is a very simple solution to solve this problem: cleaning. This is to flush the atomizer with hot water and blow it dry. If there is no gain effect after cleaning, a new atomizing core needs to be replaced.

less vapor production


Thirdly, the parameters of battery voltage and atomizer resistance are mismatched. For example, the atomizer resistance of the box mod is too low to be driven by the battery, which prevents the generation of smoke.

less vapor production


Fourth, the problem lies in e juice. The content of VG in the e-liquid is very low, which produces very little smoke. As we know that VG is the substance that provides the right amount of aerosal from the vapes. E-liquids with less than 20% VG do not normally produce the required amount of smoke.

less vapor production

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