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Laan Mix creates the world first double cartridge pod mod vape


On April 10, Shanlan Laan, the first class brand of electronic cigarettes in China, released a new series of electronic cigarettes, Laan Mix pod mod vape. The new product is a disposable electronic cigarette. Upholding the original design spirit of Shanlan, the aim is to drive the development of electronic cigarette industry with user experience and make the world friendly to smokers. It is reported that compared with the traditional one-off electronic cigarette, Laan Mix has integrated many innovations and pioneered the double-cartridge mixed vape pod.

laan mix

Innovative polymer atomization core also brings a surprising good taste, independent research and development and upgrading of a number of product structures and testing standards. It is rare to use hand-feeling aluminium alloy shell and circular track headlamp on disposable cigarettes. It has good handle feel and better taste. What remains unchanged is to stick to self-love and not interfere with others. Laan Mix expects to be available in all selling channels at the end of this month.

Good taste is the soul of electronic cigarette

Good taste is the soul of electronic cigarette. Shanlan Laan pursues the ultimate in design and strictly controls the taste. As can be seen from Micro Shanlan’s user feedback, Laan Mix also inherits Shanlan’s strict pursuit of good taste.

laan mix product launch

According to Shanlan Wechat, Laan Mix adopts innovative medical-grade polymer atomization core. The porous fiber structure has excellent vape juice conductivity, faster penetration, more uniform heating, so that every drop of e liquid can be fully atomized, and effectively prevent core burning from the first to the last, delicate and soft consistency.

And a Laan Mix can output 300 ports steadily (according to Shanlan Laboratory feedback, 1000 random samples can vape 309 portions in 2.0 seconds), equivalent to 1.5 packs of cigarettes, which can meet the needs of most smokers throughout the day.

laan mix

Inhaling resistance is also directly related to the taste. According to the Shanlan Laan R&D team, Laan Mix has undergone thousands of internal tests, and has been evaluated by many professionals. It constantly adjusts the stomatal diameter and structure according to the feedback, and finally achieves 92% similarity with the smoking feeling of cigarettes.

According to feedback from Shanlan Laboratory, Laan Mix inhaling resistance is 926 Pa, which is close to the average value of cigarettes of 1000 Pa. (In the experiment, smoke inhaling resistance tester was used to test the average value of Laan Mix suction resistance under stable air flow of 25.2 mL/s.

laan mix

In addition, Laan Mix uses a new polymer oil-locking technology to solve the industry’s vape juice leakage problem perfectly. The top and bottom of the atomizer are also designed with good sealing silicone plug. At the same time, in the device base part ignored by many products, a raised crossway is creatively designed to effectively isolate the atomization bin and components, prevent leakage layer by layer, and focus only on enjoying a good mouth. Sense.

Double cartridge,
Mixed 2 flavors vaping experience

This time Laan Mix released five flavors, from more than ten flavors, selected the top five of the user’s word-of-mouth list, including snow lychee, super-sensitive mint, ice apple, early red ice grapefruit and white peach oolong, as well as super-sensitive mint with 0 nicotine content.

laan mix

On the premise of guaranteeing good taste and good hand feel, Shanlan’s first “double-cartridge mixing” method of playing, using the exclusive “Laan Remix” cigarette jacket, two Laan Mix can be vaped together, litchi X grapefruit, apple X white peach, etc., can be matched to create over 10 new flavors.

The biggest concern for users who haven’t tried is whether the two flavors mix together strangely and at what level. According to the internal reaction of Laan users, the mixture of the two flavors also gives people a big surprise. The mouthfeel is more plump and the level is clear before and after the middle.

Thanks to Laan Remix™’s two-port structure, the inhaled gas can be semi-mixed. The air flow through Laan Remix is not simply superimposed, but a wonderful combination. The vape mouthpiece is made of food-grade silica gel and can be used safely.

laan mix

Ring track headlights,

Amazing Hand-feeling Aluminum Alloy Shell

Design-driven Laan always makes people happy with its beauty and loyal to its experience. Every function and every design consider the practical, feel and texture experience while giving consideration to aesthetic feeling, this is exactly Shanlan’s intention. Laan Mix is sincere in design and materials without any doubt.

laan mix

Most of the pod vapes in the market are basically designed by manufacturers. For the point breathing lamp, Laan Mix breaks through the use of circular track-level LED headlights. Every breath, the aperture goes out and shines, which is particularly eye-catching, and is also loved by more fashion users who have their own needs.

At the same time, it is rare to apply hand-feeling aluminium alloy material to the disposable vapes. Combined with food-grade PCTG vape mouthpiece, whether it is the millions of polishing on the fuselage or the radian of the mouthpiece, it conveys the intimacy and beauty of science and technology, rather than the stacking of materials.

laan mix

Make a really useful pod vape carefully and sincerely

Laan Mix is a better entry point for vape beginner who have no experience in using electronic cigarettes. No need to inject vape juice, no need to charge, pick up and use, use and discard, no threshold operation. Starting from the user experience, make it an extremely simple electronic cigarette product that can be used when you get it.

Shanlan team said that they always believed that making good use of electronic cigarettes can help vapers gradually overcome the habit of smoking cigarettes, achieve the goal of “unconsciously quitting smoking habits”, accelerate global smoke-free, and bring smokers to a freer way of life.

laan mix

Laan, Relx and MOTI, three engines that boost the Chinese domestic vape market explosive growth together

Firmly oppose marketing and selling to minors

Science and technology change life, and social responsibility is still the bottom line that every enterprise should adhere to. In response to the serious problem of teenagers smoking, Shanlan team said that at the beginning of its establishment, Shanlan had strict guidelines on sales channels, product packaging labels and marketing, actively cooperated with local tobacco control agencies, and firmly opposed the marketing and sale of electronic cigarette products to minors.

At the same time, Shanlan will fully consider the need for environmental protection, follow-up will have a specific recycling plan for disposable electronic cigarettes. Only if we stick to the bottom line together, can we make the industry develop healthily and make science and technology convenient for life.

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