KT & G plans to expand the sales point of Heat Not Burn combustion product lil hybrid to all Korea

According to foreign reports, KT & G, a South Korean tobacco company, plans to expand sales of its heating non combustion product, lil hybrid 2.0, to all cities in South Korea.

The product debuted in Seoul and other major cities in February and expanded to 37 metropolitan areas in April.

High Power Heat Not Burn

Lim Wang SEOP, KT & G’s next generation product business director, said the expansion follows a series of surveys in regions where consumers have not yet released products.

“Since the launch of the product, we have been expanding our sales outlets and we will continue to lead the e-cigarette market through technological innovation to enhance product competitiveness and customer satisfaction,” Lim said

Lil hybrid 2.0 is equipped with a feature that automatically warms up when the joystick is first inserted. OLED display can provide information about battery power, battery box power and remaining suction times.

The recommended consumer price is 110000 won ($90.27).

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