KRYST 2.0 CBD rechargeable and disposable vape pen first impression

ALD has launched a new CBD disposable vape pen product named KRYST 2.0. What’s new in this newly released CBD vape pen. Let’s go and take a look at it.

KRYST 2.0 Specifications

  • Model No: AH1919
  • Brand: OEM
  • Mouthpiece material: PCTG
  • Control Method: sensor
  • Oil injection: Local filling
  • Battery Capacity: 300mAh
  • E liquid Capacity: 2 mL
  • Heating Coil: ceramic
  • Children Lock: 5 clicks on/off design
  • Charging Method: type-c

kryst 2.0 battery 300mAh, heating coil:ceramic, chariging: type-c

KRYST 2.0 features

KRYST 2.0 comes with the advanced MICROFEEL CERA CUBE for better taste. It produces pure and smooth tastes for its honeycomb ceramic material with an internal coil and upgraded S316L built-in heating element. Moreover, it comes with the best leakage-proof design which is very user-friendly for vapers.


Unlike other pods with a flat design at the bottom, KRYST 2.0 comes with a V-shaped funnel oil tank. This unique design will save your last drop of vape juice.

pod wth v shaped funnel to save vape juice

At the same time, the classic Type-C charging port is also found in Kryst 2.0.  The rechargeable design will make the voltage always stay at the peak state and make the taste consistent and the vapor amount always rich and mellow.

disposable vape type c charging stable performace

What’s more, there is a button-controlled design in the Kryst 2.0 vape pen. You might think it’s a very simple vape pen without any personal control option, while it does come with a button to control firing and pre-heating. CBD oil is different from nicotine e-juice, CBD oil is more sticky and thick. Therefore, a pre-heating design can’t be more useful on the CBD disposable vape pen.

After pre-heating the oil in just 0.02s, the taste will reach the best state for vaping.

kryst 2.0 button controlled design

Besides the above features, KRYST 2.0 comes with many other smart and ergonomic designs.

First, it’s the transparent pod design. It makes it easy to see your e-liquid.
The second is the local filling design. It’s convenient and simple to fill the CBD vape juice.
Third, it’s portable in small size. It’s small than the size of a cell phone.
The last, 2.0Ml later capacity is very durable for daily vaping.
transparent design, local filling, pocketable, 2.0ml large capacity

Last but not the least, it’s customizable and can be modified to different versions with different colors and functions according to your own design by OEM.

customizable and can be modified in details according to your own design by OEM.


KRYST 2.0 CBD rechargeable and disposable vape pen will be one of your best choices for vaping CBD oils for its comprehensive and scientific designs.

Learn more from ALD official site for KRYST 2.0 and CBD vape pen OEM

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