Thursday, June 20, 2024

Juul released nine research results related to e-cigarettes


Recently, according to the official website of Juul, Juul shared the findings of nine scientific and research programs related to e-cigarettes at the 2020 annual meeting of the nicotine and Tobacco Research Association (srnt). The list of shared contents is as follows:

  • Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic evaluation of electronic cigarettes and nicotine gum used by adult smokers

  • Relationship between the use of flavored electronic cigarettes and subsequent smoking in underage smokers

  • Association between subjective effects of initial e-cigarette use and subsequent e-cigarette use and smoking among never smokers and former smokers

  • A longitudinal study on the relationship between continuous smoking and isolated smoking behavior of adult smokers (NES) using electronic cigarettes

  • Factors related to regular use of electronic cigarettes in adult smokers who quit smoking with combustible cigarettes

  • Cigarette smoking and relapse behavior of adult former smokers who end smoking with e-cigarettes: a 12-month longitudinal study

  • Preliminary findings of a pilot program for a new system designed to improve retailer compliance with tobacco product purchases

  • Real time analysis of the particle size distribution of the electron aerosol in the liquefaction stage using the electron low pressure impactor

  • The influence of smoking on the use and conversion of seasoning electronic cigarettes

Juul said that it has been conducting and supporting non clinical, clinical and behavioral research to study the impact of Juul products on public health, and is committed to working with regulators, public health officials and other stakeholders to preserve historic opportunities for adult smokers to separate from the combustible population and combat the use of minors.

The company will continue its efforts to share transparently with the public health community the results of its scientific and research programs in an effort to support the scientific basis of this category and future regulatory filings.

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