Sunday, April 21, 2024

Juul electronic cigarette company employs the first black director


According to the information from the US tobacco industry communication network, recently, Juul labs Inc., a well-known e-cigarette company in the United States, has recently appointed its chief executive officer, Mr. K.C. crosswaite, as the new chairman of the company. At the same time, Mr. Teresa Sebastian is employed as the first black director of the company to participate in the decision-making management of the company.

At the request of the board of directors, Mr. Adam Bowen, the former co-founder and first chairman of the company, will take up a position in the company’s product department.

As for the change of the top management, the company pointed out in a statement that under the current epidemic situation, the company’s future development has entered a critical period. With the support of the board of directors, the company hopes to submit the company’s first PMTA application to the U.S. regulatory authority, FDA, and will continue to block the use of e-cigarettes and common tobacco products by minors around the world.

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