Thursday, May 30, 2024

Juul will launch first Bluetooth vape Juul C1 that collects user data in UK


Juul will launch the first Bluetooth electronic cigarette Juul C1 in the UK after the device test in Canada.

Juul C1 is connected to an Android application that allows users to monitor how many puffs they smoke and locks itself in time so that no one can use it anymore. And when you lost it, you can also find it on your mobile phone.

juul bluetooth vape

Juul told the Financial Times that it might add functions such as usage limits and restricting use in areas such as schools. But neither of these functions is yet realized.

Juul C1 will also require users to submit photos of users and their government identity documents in order to access the functionality of the application in order to curb the increasing number of juveniles who buy and use Juul products.

juul bluetooth vape

“Juul C1 is currently available on Canadian and British e-commerce websites, users must undergo strict age verification procedures,” a spokesman for Juul said in an interview with foreign media. This process involves submitting photographs of identity documents that will be compared with third-party databases to verify the age and identity of customers. “Users must also submit a phone number to verify the account.”

Juul said it would counter-identify the collected data on smoking behavior and would not store the information with the user’s name.


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