Japan Tobacco new generation HNB heater PLOOM X: there is no button on the surface and adopts unique new heating technology

According to the news from Japan Tobacco Corporation, recently, Japan Tobacco Corporation (JT) announced that it would officially launch a new heating tobacco device PLOOM X in Japan on August 17, 2021.

Heat not burn e-cigarette

According to JT, ploom x is the first global device jointly developed by JT and JTI. The device has the following characteristics:

There are no buttons on the surface of ploom x, so users can feel a more intuitive experience through LED indicator light and vibration light;

In addition to accurately controlling the heating temperature, ploom x also uses a new heating technology “heatflow”, which improves the flue gas flow;

Ploom x is equipped with Bluetooth function, which can connect with the user’s smartphone, so that consumers can view the battery status and lock the device through the smartphone.

1. Speculation about no buttons on ploom x surface

There are many technical routes that can be realized without buttons on the surface, one of which is pressure touch. For details, please review an article we sent before.

Pressure touch, also known as pressure sensitive key, pressure sensitive touch, etc., is a technical scheme for the transition from mobile phone, headset, laptop and other applications to the application of e-cigarette. It has been used in HNB cigarette sets such as Kung Fu 2.0, Yan2, metex and so on.

There are many practical application cases of pressure touch on HNB heater, so it is not excluded that ploom x also adopts the same technical route. Note that this is only speculation.

2. About the new heating technology “heatflow”

This is a trademark patented technology of Japan Tobacco. In addition to accurate heating temperature control, the new heatflow ® Technology focuses on improving airflow and better experience.

As for heatflow ® What technology is it? At present, there is no more publicly available information for reference. Only two pictures are displayed on JT’s official website. This structure looks like circumferential heating, but it does not rule out the possibility of eddy current heating.

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