JTC to launch new heating tobacco equipment ploom s 2.0

JT is launching its ploom s 2.0, an upgraded version of its menthol based heating tobacco device, according to the tobacco industry news.

In addition, Japan Tobacco will launch two new menthol cigarette stick products, camel brand camel menthol red and camel menthol yellow.

JTC to launch new heating tobacco equipment ploom s 2.0

From July 2, 2020, these products will gradually be sold in convenience stores and selected tobacco retail stores across Japan.

Ploom s 2.0 is equipped with a new heating mode, which extends the duration of the peak heating temperature compared to the current ploom s.

According to JT, this balances menthol’s freshness, rich steam and clear tobacco flavor.

Toru Takahashi, vice president of product and brand Department of low risk product marketing group, explained that the two biggest factors affecting the flavor of T-type steam products are heating temperature and its duration.

He said that poom s 2.0 was able to customize the device to heat the rods at the best temperature and duration from the first inhalation to the last inhalation, rather than at a constant temperature. This is the key to provide the best flavor in t-vapor products.

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