Japan Tobacco Launches Ploom X Heated Tobacco Products

Japan Tobacco is expected to launch its next-generation heated tobacco product in August of 2021.

TOKYO — In a press release, Japan Tobacco Inc. (JT) announced that it would officially launch Ploom X, its proprietary next-generation heated tobacco product, on August 17, 2021. After the expected release, Ploom X will be sold across Japan in convenience stores and select tobacco retail locations throughout the country. A pre-launch sale will also be launched on July 26, 2021, at Japan Tobacco’s online e-commerce website.

Ploom X, according to the company, was developed in collaboration with Japan Tobacco in Tokyo, and Japan Tobacco International, based in Geneva, Switzerland. This means that a potential product release is expected to occur on the international stage in markets that feature a degree of high-end popularity for heated tobacco products and HnB devices.

“Ploom X is the first global device developed by JT and JTI, bringing together all our global resources to offer the best user experience of our time,” said Daniel Torras, a senior vice president for reduced-risk products. “We are delighted to be able to offer this new innovative product to adult consumers in Japan, the world’s leading heated tobacco market and where product standards and quality are of the highest importance.”

“Listening to consumers globally, we have created a proposition that is aligned with today’s lifestyles and choices,” Torras added. “This includes a more authentic tobacco taste, new connectivity possibilities and several options to personalize the device to everyday needs. Ploom X will make the user experience more pleasurable and unique than ever before. With Ploom X, we are continuing to build on our growing presence in the fast-moving heated tobacco sticks category and respond to the increasingly demanding needs of adult consumers around the world.”

Japan is the world’s largest market for heated tobacco products. JT competes aggressively with other tobacco companies across the world to control the heated tobacco market.

The companies that do so include Philip Morris International (PMI) with its IQOS system; British American Tobacco and its Glo device; and Imperial Brands and its Pulze device. Altria Group latches on to PMI to sell the IQOS system in the United States of America.

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