Monday, June 17, 2024

IVaping announced the leakage-proof vape with a 5 times compensation over each 1 leakaging product


Zhang Gengbin, Director of Electronic Cigarette Committee of China Electronic Chamber of Commerce and former founding executive of Jiuxian. com, as the founder of IV Brand, has formed the core founding team of IV by combining well-known Internet executives, AIRSCREAM, Philips Moore International executives, and Apple Supply Chain executives with rich experience from domestic and foreign industries. Thanks to Zhang Gengbin’s profound background in the field of Internet and liquor circulation, and the diversified composition of the founding team, IVaping integrates technical, product, channel, operation, industry resources and other professional advantages in producing the leakage-proof vape.

IVaping Electronic Cigarette

Zeng Zeming, co-founder of IVaping Electronic Cigarette, has more than 10 years’experience in the vape industry and 6 years’ experience in the research and development of electronic cigarette products. He has served as an executive in Apple’s supply chain. He put forward very high requirements for hardware quality control. Under its impetus, IVaping reached strategic cooperation with Shenzhen Masonvap Technology Co., Ltd., the world’s leading manufacturer of electronic cigarettes. Both sides jointly developed IVaping’s unique hardware technology for electronic cigarettes. At the same time, the resources of raw material laboratory, functional laboratory, component analysis laboratory, ROHS analysis laboratory, environmental laboratory, transportation laboratory and placement Laboratory of seven major electronic cigarette laboratories are shared.

Thanks to the “hard” strength of science and technology, IV’s electronic cigarette has overcome the problem of e juice leakage of electronic cigarette at the level of vape cartridge research and development, and achieved the global leading level of 100% core burning and less than 1/10000 vape juice leakage rate. Market feedback over the past three months has also verified the objective authenticity of IV data.

IVaping e liquid
IV electronic cigarette in the Beijing East, Jiuxian Net, wechat and other online platforms launched the event as “5 times compensation over each 1 leakaging product” , that is, when consumers buy a burnt core or leakaging cartridge, IV has no reason but to compensate for five cigarette cartridges. As the first electronic cigarette brand in the world to launch similar activities, it fully embodies IV’s strong confidence in its own product technology.

At present, the vape industry is in disorder, and the technology and quality of each brand are uneven. In the process of development, IV will resolutely respond to and support the introduction of relevant regulatory policies at all levels, such as product identification, marketing promotion and channel construction, and actively assume social responsibility to promote the sound development of the industry.

With the continuous deepening of cooperation, IVaping electronic cigarettes will also carry out more in-depth research in raw material safety, fume safety, atomization gas safety, product stability and other aspects, striving to pursue high quality, while bringing more convenient and cost-effective electronic cigarette products to consumers.

IVaping new product, IDuck


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