Thursday, May 30, 2024

Intretech Stock Price Continues to Fall


In 2018, Fujian’s first A-stock listed e-cigarette accessories company, Intretech, continued fall to its daily limit. On January 17, the stock price closed the daily limit of 39.20 yuan per share. The founder Wu Kaiting broke the tens of billions of dollars and he became the sole flag of the richest man in Ganzhou.

Based on the independent innovation UDM model (also known as ODM intelligent manufacturing model), the company has formed a highly information-based, automated intelligent manufacturing system to meet the needs of integrated services such as collaborative development, customized services, flexible production, and information interconnection. It can provide customers with intelligent control components, innovative consumer electronics and other products’ development and production, and it can also provide intelligent manufacturing solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Due to its novel theme, it has been favored by many institutional investors. After listing 10 percent daily rising limit keeps for several days, and after a slight correction, they hit a new high. This period should be the time when the tradable shareholders will enter the market in the first quarter.

Ten billion private equity Jinglin assets’ three products entered at the same time. In addition, QFII Norwegian Central Bank, Changan Fund One Asset Management Plan, China Post Fund two public funds and two individual investors bought that.


Changes in tradable shareholders of Intretech

However, after mid-March, the company’s share price continues to fall, during which there was a period of rebound. The price fell again on the last trading day of August, and the closing price was close to the low price a week ago. This price trend also confirms the big exchange of shareholders and the low shareholding ratio of new shareholders.

From the comparison of the shareholders in the first quarter and the second quarter of this year, almost all of the shareholders have changed. In addition, the number of shares held by new shareholders is significantly lower than the number of shares held by the original shareholders, representing a further dispersion of chips.


Stock price trend

According to the published 2018 interim report, the net profit was 397 million, down 9.75% year-on-year. In the future, whether the stock price of Intertech will continue to go up, it will take time to prove.

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