Thursday, June 20, 2024

Indonesia e-cigarette show announced postponement: from September this year to January 2021


Due to the impact of covid-19 epidemic, the organizers of the exhibition decided to postpone the 2020 vape fair Indonesia e-cigarette exhibition after careful consideration. The exhibition will be held from January 23 to 24, 2021.

The extension notice of Indonesia tobacco show is as follows:

Yingrun International Exhibition Co., Ltd., as the official authorized Chinese registration agency of Indonesia e-cigarette show, collected the feedback from most Chinese e-cigarette exhibitors. The exhibition was postponed from September to January 2021. It is also respect for Chinese enterprises.

The e-cigarette market in Indonesia is relatively standardized. The state has imposed taxes on e-cigarettes, and the market order is good. E-cigarettes have also increased tobacco taxes for the Indonesian government. All the cigarette sets are from China. If the exhibition lacks many Chinese e-cigarette brands due to the epidemic situation, the influence of the exhibition will be discounted.

Due to the fact that the epidemic situation has not been alleviated in Indonesia, and the exhibition is densely populated, which increases the risk of transmission in public space, Chinese enterprises are worried about cross infection through exhaled e-cigarettes, and collectively appeal for the exhibition to be postponed.

The organizers can understand the concerns of the exhibitors by assessing the risks, adopt the suggestions of the exhibitors and make the correct decision-making scheme for the exhibition.

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