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[Important Notice] A Few Things that Exhibitors Must Know at the Shenzhen E-cigarette Show in October


It is 6 days before the international e-cigarette exhibition of huabo shenzhen on October 1-3. The year-end industry event is just around the corner. Hundreds of producers from the global e-cigarette production base will be on display to meet tens of thousands of buyers at home and abroad. In the same period, the China E-cigarette Industry Summit Forum, the World Vaping Competition, and the Jingdong E-cigarette Festival will be held to seek the greatest participation benefits for exhibitors.

Dear exhibitors, the exhibition period is near, in order to ensure your participation, please pay attention to the following matters:

Security status

Inadequate awareness

Incomplete accountability

Inadequate system and plans

Inadequate measures

Hidden dangers is existing

Security incidents and accidents occur occasionally

Security risks

Safety accident


  1. It is strictly forbidden to occupy fire exits and block safety exits.
  2. The width of the main channel should not be less than 5 meters.
  3. The materials used to build the booth in the exhibition hall must be flame retardant or flame retardant materials.
  4. Combustible materials must be fully flame retarded to achieve flame retardant properties (B1).
  5. At least one ABC dry powder fire extinguisher (4KG) for every 50㎡of special booths, the upper part of the special booth must be covered with white flame retardant material.
  6. KT board foam polyurethane, flammable and explosive products, chainsaw, sponge, fake lawn, elastic cloth, yarn products, flower wire, etc. are prohibited;
  7. It is forbidden to place packaging materials in the booth. The threshold and the door of the standard booth are not allowed to be posted or raised by themselves.
  8. Carpets, hard bags, etc. must be sprayed with flame retardant materials.
  9. Smoking is prohibited in the exhibition hall.

Booth electrical

  1. It is necessary to use electrical materials that meet the national standard. The distribution lines should be protected by protective measures such as wearing metal pipes, plastic pipes with closed metal trunking or flame retardant materials.
  2. Open flame and resistance heating equipment are strictly forbidden in the hall. The power of a single set of electric heating equipment shall not exceed 1.5KW. It shall be powered by the independent power supply of the booth distribution box. The wall layout of the equipment adjacent to the equipment and the console shall be made of non-combustible materials.

Exhibition logistics

Debon: 0755-83286866, 83414086

Aneng: 0755-82778376 88300845

Caution for Large trucks

Because big trucks are not allowed to enter the Shenzhen urban section, in order to avoid illegal fines, our company will apply for a truck pass for the large trucks of 1.5 tons or more (including 1.5 tons) built at the Shenzhen Gift Show from October 1-3.


Mr. Wang 0755-33989259

Miss Wang 0755-33989290

Important reminder

During the exhibition, all kinds of knives and lighters in life should be kept in closed counters, and it is forbidden to display in mobile or temporary booths.

In order to ensure the order and professionalism of the Shenzhen Gift Show in October, the booth is forbidden to be privately copied and transferred. The company name and exhibits must be consistent with the application materials. The site is not retail. If there is any violation, the organizer will take measures such as sealing. Thank you for your cooperation.

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