Thursday, May 23, 2024

Illegal E-cigarette Sales Through Social Media Uncovered


According to Jornalcidade on September 4th, a case involving the sale of e-cigarette products through social media was cracked in the city of Rio Claro, Brazil.

In June 2023, the police in Rio Claro, Brazil, received a report from a man stating that his underage son had purchased an e-cigarette through a social networking site. This report prompted an investigation.

After an investigation, authorities have discovered several Instagram profiles involved in illegal transactions, and one school supervisor residing in Rio Claro has been identified as the primary suspect. With a search warrant in hand, police officers headed to a residential property in the city center on the 4th of this month, where they found hundreds of e-cigarette products, including mouthpieces, flavored liquids, and heating coils.

The investigation also uncovered account books, labels, and price lists. Upon the arrival of law enforcement officials, only the relatives of the investigated person were present at the scene. They claimed that all the items belonged to their nephew, who will face charges of smuggling.

According to Resolution 46/2009 of the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (Anvisa), Brazil prohibits the sale, import, and advertising of all electronic smoking devices, including e-cigarettes.


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