Ieva research shows that 81% of smokers who switch to e-cigarettes successfully quit smoking

According to vapingpost, a survey conducted by the European independent e-cigarette Alliance (Ieva) found that 81% of smokers who switched to e-cigarettes successfully quit smoking completely, and 65% of European e-cigarette users used fruit or candy flavored cigarette oil.

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It is reported that more than 3300 European smokers participated in the study, and the results confirm that e-cigarettes are widely used in Europe as a smoking cessation tool all over the world. In fact, 81% of smokers reported that they had completely quit smoking because of these devices, while 12% of smokers succeeded in reducing smoking.

A total of 86% of the participants correctly thought that e-cigarettes were safer than combustible cigarettes, and only 2% mistakenly thought that the harm of e-cigarettes was the same as or greater than ordinary cigarettes.

As for taste, 40% of respondents reported using fruit flavor, 25% reported using candy flavor, and 35% said they used tobacco flavored electronic liquid.

When asked if all spices except tobacco were banned, only 20% of users said they would switch to tobacco flavor; 31% said they would buy their favorite flavors on the black market; and 9% said they would start smoking again.

As for risk perception, 86% of participants said they thought e-cigarettes were less harmful to them than ordinary cigarettes.

“Our investigation confirms previous studies that the taste of e-cigarettes is crucial for adult smokers. The ban on spices must be avoided at all costs, as it will lead many users of e-cigarettes to buy unregulated products on the black market or start smoking again, which will endanger more users of e-cigarettes. “

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