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The US FDA has allocated US$3.4 million to build 3D human lungs to study the effects of vapes


According to Eurek Alert, the US FDA has allocated US$3.4 million to support the University of Colorado’s Anshuz Medical Campus to create the most advanced human lung living simulator to identify toxicity and carcinogenic potential of new tobacco products.

To study the effects of new tobacco on human vapers, Kahez H. Benam, an assistant professor and doctor of medicine at the University of Colorado Medical College, will lead the research team to create the first three-dimensional (3D) physical multi-cell structure lung.

By assessing the effects on genes, proteins, pathways and cellular/organ functions, the micro-engineered human lungs can better understand the hazards of e-cigarettes and vapes.

human lung vapes

Laboratory animals have been widely used to assess the effects of traditional cigarette and vapes in the past; however, translating research findings into human effects has been a challenge.

Dr Benam said: “Providing the next generation of human lung models to compare the toxicity of new tobacco products, especially vapes, will help identify hazards and study carcinogenic formulations. This study has unprecedented potential to advance the toolkits available to FDA to better protect and promote public health issues around tobacco products.

human lung vapes

Vapes are very popular now; however, the biological effects of their emissions on human lungs have not been well characterized.

Now the US FDA has allocated US$3.4 million to study the safety of new tobacco products, which shows that its scientific and rigorous attitude, rather than like Malaysia, Thailand and other countries, arbitrarily install a charge to prohibit electronic cigarettes directly and severely!

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