How to Smoke Shatter

Shatter is by far the purest form of cannabis extract on the market. It produces an intense and long-lasting high, but how do you smoke it?
There are a few ways you can smoke shatter strains. One requires a rig, but there are standard ways of smoking, and we’re going to break them all down.

How to Smoke Shatter Using a Rig

The rig option is one of the most popular options when it comes to smoking shatter. Rigs, commonly referred to as ‘oil rigs,’ are specialized glass pipes that look like bongs.
They have a vertical chamber, mouthpiece, and hole, which is where the tiny glass or metal nail goes. When that nail turns red, you’ll take your metal dabber and scoop up a small amount of shatter to dap onto the nail. The oil combusts almost immediately and produces a thick juicy plume of smoke which you’ll inhale through the rig.
The rig is a truly efficient way of smoking shatter, but it isn’t the only method available, so if you’re unsure of the setup, aren’t looking to change your habits, then never fear there are old school options available.
Here’s what you can use to smoke shatter instead of the rig!

How to Smoke Shatter Using a Vape

When using a vape to vaporize shatter, we recommend using high temperatures instead of the average burning temperatures you’d use with your regular dried flower. On the other hand, not temperatures as high as you’d need to for cannabis concentrates. It’s a balancing act to get this step just right.
Just place your small shatter dollop into your vape, give it a warm-up with a few pushes of the fire button and then go on to enjoy!

How to Smoke Shatter Using a Bong

If you’re smoking shatter out of a bong, make sure you have and are using a screen. This is especially true in the event you’re topping off some regular cannabis flower with a bit of shatter.
Place the screen at the bottom of your clean bong bowl. Next, add just a tiny amount of shatter into the bong bowl and light. You’ll find you may need to encourage the shatter to burn continuously and consistently by gently blowing on it.

How to Smoke Shatter Using a Pipe

The pipe method is one of the easiest because it works the same way as if you were using standard dried cannabis flowers. Look out for a suitable pipe for you and your shatter smoking habits—something like a three-piece works best to provide those smooth yet potent rips.

Where to Buy Shatter Online

Many online cannabis stores now sell shatter. But if you’re looking for a great place in Canada to buy shatter online, look no further than Buzzed Extracts! You can find our line of shatter products right here!
Now you know how to smoke shatter and where to get it! So what are you waiting for, mix and match and order today?

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