Hong Kong E Cigarette Law – Read Before Vaping in Hong Kong

Hong Kong vape laws:

Under the Pharmacy and Poisons Ordinance (Chapter 138, Laws of Hong Kong), nicotine is a Part I poison. E-cigarette and e-liquid containing nicotine is regarded as pharmaceutical product and must be registered with the Pharmacy and Poisons Board before sale or distribution. Possession or sale of unregistered pharmaceutical product, and the possession or sale without authority of Part I poison, are both offences. Each offence shall be liable on conviction to maximum penalty of $100,000 fine and 2 years’ imprisonment.

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Can I vape in Hong Kong 2020

Vape is the same as the cigarette. Cigarette smoking (including e-cigarette) is banned in no smoking areas under the Smoking (Public Health) Ordinance (Chapter 371, Laws of Hong Kong). No smoking areas include all indoor public areas and some outdoor areas such as school campus, public parks and beaches. Offenders are subject to a fixed penalty of fine $1,500. Outdoor areas and private space are free to vape.

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Can I take my e cigarette to Hong Kong airport?

It depends on whether your vape contains nicotine or not. No nicotine vapes are free to go when taking vapes with nicotine will be arrested and fined HK$100,000. That’s just the law. However, I can tell you that any enforcement (if it exists at all) is very light-on. My friends have been through HK to SZ with E-Cigs many times without any problem.

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Is there vape shops in Hong Kong including Mongkok and Sai Ying Pun area?

Yes. There are over 20 big or small vape shops in Hong Kong in total. Here are the selected top 10 vape pen shops in Hong Kong for reference:  https://vape.hk/top-10-vape-shops-in-hong-kong

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What’s the price of vape pens in Hong Kong?

The vape price in Hong Kong varies from 10 dollars to 400 dollars. Most vapes are at 50-70 dollars.  Shopping online is also a convenient and cost-effective way. Most Hong Kongers buy vapes on this website.

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  3. Going to Hong Kong June 2019 can i go through customs with e cigarette ( vape) in my hand luggage. Thanks

    1. Yes, of course. Needn’t worry about that, I tried it last week and entered Hong Kong with vape pods containing nicotine without any problem.
      By the way, Hong Kong smokers are everywhere and traditional cigarettes are available there, too.

  4. Hi… my question is probably dumb but here goes… I am a filipino who will buy a new device in my home country and I will be having a 3 hour lay over back to a country where I currently work.. my question is, is it okay to bring in 10 pcs of ejuice with 3mg nicotine content checked in my bag? Will I get in trouble of I brought in HK?

    1. I don’t think so, keep a low profile, not showing off and you’ll be OK.
      Please share with us what happened later, we would be grateful.

  5. Hey,I have flight from Hongkong in July 2019,do you know if I will have any problem with a custom inspection if I take device,without any vape in my hand luggage ?

  6. Hey,I have flight from Hongkong in July 2019,do you know if I will have any problem with a custom inspection if I take device without any vape juice in my hand luggage ?

    1. Hi Sam, it’s absolutely OK when not carrying vape juice. Because what matters is the nicotine inside the vape juice

  7. I am 15 planning to buy a stig in UK. And I was wondering if I am allowed to bring it through Hong Kong immigration. Because I really need to know before I buy it.

    1. Thanks for reaching us. It’s OK to bring the vape device to Hong Kong. But Nicotine vape juice is not allowed in Hong Kong.

  8. Hi, I really need some urgent advice. I’m travelling to the Philippines from California with a new vape and have a 10 hour layover in Hong Kong. I just read a recent article posted earlier this year about HK’s strict new vape ban- will I be forced to dispose of my vape when I arrive at customs? Or will I be allowed to keep it? I’ll only be bringing one battery and 2 small carts. From what I’ve read, their airport security is more concerned about the import and sales/distribution of nicotine juice. But if I only have this small amount on me for personal consumption (no big bottles of e-juice or big mods or anything flashy, just a pen vape with 2 carts) will they let me bring it? I would hate to have to toss my new vape away when I arrive in HK because I really need to bring it to the Philippines. I leave in 4 days, please give me some quick advice! Thank you ???

    1. Dear Adam,
      Thanks for asking Vapehk. HK’s strict new vape ban has never passed yet, and you won’t be forced to dispose of your vape pen at Hong Kong considering your little amount of nicotine juice carried with. Please don’t worry, your vape device and carts will be alright. Have a good journey!
      Best regards,
      Jesse, Vape.hk

      1. Thank you so much Jesse! I just needed that confidence boost since I was so worried they’d make me toss it. I really appreciate the reply. Peace! ✌?

  9. Hi Jesse, how about iqos and a carton of sticks will they let me into Hong Kong with it for personal consumption? Thanks !

    1. A small amount of vape products for personal consumption is OK to enter Hong Kong. No one’s vape product has been reported about being confiscated yet.

    1. Yes, you’re allowed certainly.
      If you are travelling to the UK from outside the EU, you’re allowed to bring a certain amount of goods such as electronic cigarette, alcohol, tobacco, perfume, souvenirs for your own use or as gifts.

    1. You know, though it doesn’t contain nicotine, it’s flammable. Do you know how the airline companies deal with flammable packages?

  10. Can I bring my e cigarette and nicotine e liquid to Hong Kong. It’s a one night stop over on route to New Zealand next week

  11. Hello there, I’m traveling from malaysia to hk in two weeks. So i went to google and it seems like a big issues to bring my iqos device and heets stick to hk until I saw VapeHK and i now have a slight of hope lol :’D
    May i know if I’m allow to bring my iqos device and few pack of heets stick?

    1. If it’s for your own use or as gifts, the amount is small, it’s totally OK. Few packs aren’t a problem, no worry. Have a good trip.

  12. Hello people.
    I am flying from London to Saigon with a change of plane (transit) in Hong Kong. Will I have problems if I carry my mod and 60ml of 12mg juice? Do they check your carry on luggage when you transfer through HK airport?

  13. Hey, vapeHK.
    I have just moved to HongKong from Australia. And I run out the ejuice. I ordered the nicotine ejuice from US as usual as I did in Australia. Tonight, my friend told me that I will be fined and imprisonment if the custom find out the parcel. I bought 10 bottles 60ml w/ 3mg nicotine. Should I email the supplier to stop the parcel?

    1. I was there in October and it wasn’t a problem at all. I flew from the UK and had my E cig and Vape juice with me 5 small bottles. And my spare battery. People in HK either smoke or vape

      1. Hi friend, we can’t ensure it’s 100% safe but 10 bottles isn’t a big number. We think it’s OK, but would be better if you split your parcel into 2 groups.
        Deny the parcel if you think it’s too dangerous.

  14. I am traveling for a year around Asia starting mid January 2020. I will be flying to Hong Kong first and staying there for 2 nights. Can I bring my years worth of 3mg juice? I have 9 (100ml) bottles.

    1. If it’s for your own use or as gifts, the amount is small, it’s totally OK. Few packs aren’t a problem, no worry. Have a good trip. You can see above friends doesn’t have any problem

  15. hello, I have a question about bringing/leaving the vape machine through air ports. Does hongkong allow us to bring the machine and the pods? Please let me know

  16. Hello,
    I’m seefarer and im going in HK on the ship for 6 months. is it ok to take 3 L of e-juice 3mg nicotine in 2 check in cases?

    1. Hi Nino, it’s not suggested to take nicotine products into HK. However, 3 L in 2 checks is not a big amount, it should be OK.

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