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Guide To Buying Your Starter Vaping Kit


Buying the best starter kit is by no means an easy task. There’re several features you’ve to take into consideration when looking to buy your first vape kit. Listed below are some of them:

The size of the e-cig:

This is certainly the first thing that one wants to check out when looking for their starter vaping kit. If you have been smoking for long & is familiar with the light weight of tiny cigarettes, getting the best vaping option can be pretty annoying. Fortunately, there are many small & thin e-cig options available to check out.

Confirm whether you’re a mouth-to-lung or direct lung vapor:

This is yet another critical thing which will decide what kind of vaper you’re. So many smokers these days vape through mouth-to-lung. If by any chance, you vape without blocking the cloud that you’ve piled up inside your mouth, directly to your lungs, then you must be a direct lung vaper.

It’s really essential to determine this first when choosing your first vaping kit. This is because many devices don’t work right for all types of vapers. For mouth-to-lung inhaling, the coils that are employed are usually above 1.0 ohm resistance. This is why sub-ohm coils are usually favored by direct lung vapers.

The capacity:

As vaping mainly relies on the capacity of the battery, it’s very critical to buy a vaping kit that boasts a battery with a bigger capacity so it stays charged for a considerable part of the day. For most vape kits the battery capacity is calculated in mAh. Usually, a 650 mah battery can last for nearly 7 hours relying on how frequently it’s used. Some vape kits possess interchangeable batteries, and in this case you’ll benefit from having an additional battery which can be used alternatively.


Safety is really critical. There’re 2 main ways to check: the tank and the battery. As far as the tank is concerned, it’s very critical to confirm whether it’s glass or plastic. Usually, glass is the best material – but when it’s about pod systems, you will probably see plastic pods.

The battery should also have protection feature. A good battery should shut off as soon as it spots any short circuit or security breakdown.

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