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GOIN electronic cigarette, tragically under the black hand of competitors again! What’s the truth?

Pay attention to the propaganda terms of electronic cigarettes in our country. It is dangerous to exaggerate and use prohibited words.


Gu Junying, CEO of GOIN Electronic Cigarette, was just invited to attend the tasting meeting of Boton Lentils vape. However, she was reported by a company in Bolton by 12315 customer right protecting hot line once she showed up there.

GOIN CEO at Boton meeting
GOIN CEO at Boton meeting
Goin electronic cigarette, tragically under the black hand of competitors! What's the truth?
Report paper

As can be seen from the report form of Shenzhen Market and Quality Supervision and Administration Commission provided by users, the report was made to 12315 by telephone on September 27, involving Shenzhen GOIN Industrial Co., Ltd. and the brand name GOIN.

GOIN electronic cigarettes is a brand of electronic cigarettes owned by Shenzhen GOIN Network Technology Co., Ltd., mainly engaged in the development, promotion and sales of electronic cigarettes.

In some promotional manuscripts, GOIN called itself the world’s first female electronic cigarette, and said that it was rich in collagen and vitamins. It won the title of Top 10 of the new Wechat-business brands in 2019. It can be seen that this electronic cigarette may be sold through Wechat-business channels.

GOIN beauty electronic cigarette claims to have added micronutrients such as small molecular collagen peptide, vitamin B12 and other micronutrients to the whole series without nicotine content. This description is quite different from the added substances.

People familiar with the situation disclosed that the relevant reports showed that the cause of the report was suspected of violating the advertising law, using prohibited words and exaggerating propaganda. The more likely reason was related to its propaganda posters with fake information.

Whether it is suspected of violating the Advertising Law or not, we are not sure. All needs to wait for the opinions of the market supervision department to prevail.

The true

As the head supplier of electronic cigarette industry chain, Boton Group owns many brands of electronic cigarettes, and its authoritative position in the industry is indispensable. There is a legend in the industry that “electronic cigarettes will not be considered as electronic cigarette brands unless they are developed in Boton”. Not only their own electronic cigarette brand launches have to be held in Boton, but also TAKI, MK and Myst Labs. Even celebrities like Luo Yonghao have to come to Boton to ask for advice when he wanted to make electronic cigarettes.

Boton has always loved his younger generation. What’s wrong with the location of this report?

After verification, we learned that GOIN electronic cigarette launched a new product in September, which is known as the world’s first female electronic cigarette. According to Boton’s internal information, a brand of Boton also wants to enter the nicotine-0 field, female electronic cigarette market, but later realized that GOIN had already entered the field and took the lead when the product was about to go on sale. That’s why they blackmailed.

GOIN electronic cigarette launch

Interestingly, this is not the first time that GOIN has been blackmailed. As early as at the 818 Wechat-business conference, GOIN was surrounded by people for publicizing the new product and was disturbed by a brand of his colleagues. He asked the organizers to expel GOIN model girls.

GOIN electronic cigarette launch

Where there are benefits, there are battles, and the electronic cigarette industry is no exception. The two leading brands are so concerned about GOIN. I wonder if it is his honor or misfortune. How the event will be fermented in the future remains to be further observed by the media.

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